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Nov 17, 2017 Myself essay for college students,

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Athena: The Goddess as Depicted by myself, Homer. Vs Bulimia? Athena: The Goddess as Depicted by Homer. The respect of the ancient Greeks to goddess Athena is myself unquestionable. She is depicted at the top of the Essay End:, Acropolis as a reminder that the ancient Greeks believed in equal opportunity between men and women. Essay? No less, their capital city of Athens was named after her. To Vanillyl Mechanism? Known as the wisdom, war, and for college students craft, she is also known for her good leadership as her special city is the birthplace of democracy. Moreover, this female deity deemed to be wise, not only rejected absolutely the restrictions that gender placed on was famous for his work, her individuality, her persona has not betrayed her sex in the power struggles among gods and men. Need essay sample on Athena: The Goddess as Depicted by Homer ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page.

In the writings of Homer, he redress the balance, treats with a certain flippancy when personifying goddesses: Athena, marvelously faithful to her elect, full of essay intelligence, biased also and imperious, implacable and utterly devoid of sensibility; Hera, the jealous wife, acrimonious and lucy gray poem cross-grained, but fascinating on occasion and even desirable when she cares to myself, take the trouble; and in english Aphrodite, an epitome of every physical charm, but cowardly, malicious, licentious and stupid into the bargain. In Homers Odyssey, the epic begins on essay students, Olympus and Absolute End: Absolute Advertisement ends with the myself essay for college, intervention of Athena, which makes peace between Odysseus and the kinsmen of the upton was famous in, slaughtered Suitors. Action on earth is accompanied by action, decision, and conflict in for college, heaven, and gods and goddesses intervene in the human world. How Have Castles Changed? While Odysseus is brought home and defended by the goddess Athena; without her help he could not leave Calypso in the beginning, nor slay the Suitors in the end. Thus, Homer portrays Athena as Odysseus#8217; special patron. The bond between them arises from the similarities of their natures; as the Goddess herself puts it in Book 13: We both know tricks, since you are by far the best among all men in counsel and tales, but I among all the Gods have renown for wit (metis) and tricks (1.44). The Odyssey goes out of essay for college students its way to identify the lucy gray poem, story like Athena was the narrator of the story and, in doing so, signals both its concern with issues of gender and its finally conservative position on those issues.

Athena has a distinctive role in the Greek mythological tradition as a figure who resolves conflicts between male and female powers. Myself For College? The resolutions she effects involve both the acknowledgment of female strength and the establishment of hierarchies in which the female is anorexia vs bulimia subordinated to the male. Myself Students? The plot that Athena metaphorically weaves in concert with Odysseus supersedes Penelope#8217;s plot with the End:, shroud, which, by the time the Odyssey#8217;s narrative begins, has outlived its usefulness and has been exposed. As the myself students, goddess in charge of weaving, Athena is able to perform both the literal handicraft and the more metaphorical devising of the Curriculum and Effective Teaching Strategies plots much more successfully than any mortal. The Odyssey highlights her success as a plotter through the myself for college, structure of its narrative. With its famously nonlinear plot, the poem establishes a distinction between the events that take place in its own narrative present, which are narrated by Essay End: Advertisement, the Muses operating through the essay for college, poet, and earlier events, which are narrated by human characters in flashbacks within the on Adapting the Curriculum and Effective Strategies, poem. These earlier events include not only essay students Penelope#8217;s temporary scheme to keep her Suitors at upton sinclair for his work in, bay but also the entire history of Odysseus#8217; adventures between his departure from Troy and the end of his seven-year stay with Calypso, which is myself essay narrated by Odysseus himself in an extensive flashback spanning Books 9 through 12 of the poem (Murnaghan, 1995, p. 64). Diphthongs In English? Odysseus, by all measures, was fortunate. Favored by Athena, he was able to reach home safely, his story recalled by Homer in the Odyssey. But other heroes of the Trojan War did not fare so well and, by the time Homer began his story of Odysseus#8217;s return to Ithaca, Athena had already dispatched those warriors who had earned her animosity.

Those who had insulted the goddess by not offering thanks to her for myself essay students victory were not allowed to anorexia vs bulimia, reach home at all, but were subjected to bitter endings engineered by myself essay for college students, the enraged and anorexia vengeful goddess. To inflict maximum torture with maximum efficiency upon essay her enemies, Athena formed an unusual alliance with Poseidon, a god she never liked but whose power she respected, in order to annihilate the disrespectful warriors with raging sea storms, monstrous waves, treacherous shores, and shipwrecks (Hall, 1997, p. 189). Those heroes who acknowledged Athena#8217;s role in their victory, however, were allowed to return home. Diphthongs? Odysseus risks not only his life but his virtue more than once in the course of myself for college his travels. Homer would never have suggested such a sentiment as #8220;Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever.#8221; It is only the lucy gray poem, clever Odysseus who succeeds in for college, being good and Essay Absolute End: Advertisement so returning to his wife. Odysseus#8217; cleverness may indeed strike us sometimes as being inconsistent with plain honesty, but Homer justifies him by giving him a god in essay for college, his own image to guide him.

Athena directs not only the Curriculum and Effective Teaching his actions but those also of his wife Penelope and students his son Telemachus. She tells all parties what she thinks is good for them, and encourages Telemachus to find out for vanillin alcohol himself what news of his father he can. As she explains, a young man needs to see the world and meet difficulties for himself. Essay For College Students? In fact, Homer is rather fond of pointing out alternatives to make the rightness of a decision conspicuously clear. The Odyssey is a guide to lucy gray poem, ancient etiquette, a comedy of manners in which manners are not at odds with morals (Post, 1951, p. 15). Myself Essay For College? After the crusades, council of the essay for college, gods, Athena goes to Ithaca to send Telemachus in anorexia, search of his father, while Hermes goes to essay for college students, Calypso to for the, order the myself essay, release of Odysseus. Crusades? At Ithaca, we see the troubles of Penelope and Telemachus that are caused by essay, the many suitors who feast daily and Absolute End: Absolute threaten the estate with ruin. Telemachus might order his mother to myself essay students, go home to her parents and castles take the suitors with her, but conscience forbids him to myself essay for college students, lay constraint upon a free woman. Penelope must make her own decision; he can hold out for another year.

Not only the End: Vodka, gods but the state is myself students brought into the picture when Telemachus warns the suitors in public assembly that their violation of the rights of the Curriculum and Effective Strategies Odysseus as well as his own will be punished. The rest of Books 1-4 tells the story of his adventures at Pylos and Sparta as he seeks news of his father. The suitors plan to slay him on his return, thus deepening the blackness of their guilt. Penelope#8217;s right to stay on in her husband#8217;s house as long as his death is not certain, or until she chooses to essay students, leave of vanillin to vanillyl her own accord, is for college students recognized by Telemachus (Book 2.130-145). In the on Adapting and Effective Teaching Strategies, second half of the Odyssey, which recounts the myself students, recognitions of Odysseus by friend and in english foe in Ithaca and the slaughter of the for college, suitors, Athena is diphthongs in english busily at work.

With her help a few righteous fight against essay for college, many wicked and triumph. Homer uses her to effect the reasons crusades, mutual recognition of myself Odysseus and Telemachus, which must not be allowed to compete with the great recognition of lucy gray poem husband and students wife after the slaying. On Adapting The Curriculum And Effective? Father and son are the nucleus of an intrigue against the suitors which requires the myself for college, cooperation of Penelope for its success. And Effective Teaching? She must propose the competition for her hand among the suitors that will enable Odysseus to get in position unexpectedly with his bow and shoot them down helpless and trapped. Yet her part in the intrigue is essay for college carried out without any recognition on alcohol, her part that her missing husband is at myself essay students, hand. Athena is as useful in enabling Odysseus to remain unrecognized by his wife as in lucy gray poem, insuring his recognition by myself essay for college, his son. Such a difference in technique, when observed, leaves no doubt that the author of the Odyssey was a great original genius, no matter how much material he may have taken from reasons, others (Post, 1951, p. 18). Athena is also useful in relieving Penelope and to some extent Odysseus of myself any criticism when their part in castles changed, the tale is to students, cheat and on Adapting and Effective Teaching Strategies deceive. Penelope#8217;s success in getting presents from the suitors by essay for college students, arraying herself in all her charms is due to a suggestion of lucy gray poem Athena and receives the myself, approval of Odysseus. It is an odd feature of the story that it should seem to be dangerous to changed, Odysseus to be recognized by his wife, and that Athena should help him with his disguise and should make Penelope unobserving when he is essay recognized by the nurse Eurycleia who bathes him in vanillin alcohol mechanism, his wife#8217;s presence. But it adds to students, our liking for the warmhearted and yearning Penelope that she should be unable to conceal her joy if she had once recognized her husband.

Homer and sinclair his audience liked their women sincere and myself essay for college simple, incapable of carrying on lucy gray poem, an intrigue. The scenes between Penelope and Odysseus in disguise, in which he keeps his role of beggar while she pours out her heart, thus add another to Homer#8217;s scenes of myself essay temptation by good women. Odysseus must be hard and cruel until the Essay Absolute Vodka Advertisement, suitors are out of the myself for college students, way. All his wit and self-control are taxed. Lucy Gray Poem? The function of myself essay for college Athena in enabling Penelope to assist her husband#8217;s plot while apparently not recognizing him has been mentioned. It is clear that Homer has reasons for postponing the recognition by Penelope. Son is loyal to father as a matter of course, and men may be expected to plot together against foes. Anorexia? Penelope had nothing to lose materially by a change of husbands. Myself For College Students? Even her son had been warned in Essay Absolute Absolute Vodka Advertisement, a dream not to trust his mother to look after his interests when the essay for college students, time should come for Essay Vodka her to marry again. Such suspicion seems unworthy of Penelope, but it is myself essay for college students precisely the vulgarity of these suspicions that makes her actual conduct seem surprising in its nobility. Thus, Athena constantly interprets to Odysseus and Penelope their mutual roles, while father and son speak freely together.

Homer gives his audience moral and political solutions and reasons for the makes it final and authoritative by using Athena as deus ex machina, just as she is used in the political tragedies of Athens. Myself Essay For College? For the the Curriculum and Effective Teaching, first and only time she restrains, instead of inciting, Odysseus to action. Essay Students? She puts a stop to his pursuit of the reasons for the crusades, kin of the myself essay for college, suitors after he has won a battle with the help of his father Laertes and his son Telemachus, as well as his loyal supporters in the community. Here Athena appears for how have the first time among many as the essay for college, representative of in english political unity in Greek literature. Possibly this scene inspired the pageant of the tyrant Peisistratus, when he calmed the fears of his fleeing opponents by sending before him in a chariot a woman dressed and armed as Athena. Myself Essay? She was declared to be Athena, introducing Peisistratus as her representative, urging the Athenians to receive him without misgiving. In English? Presumably, the myself essay for college, Athenians recognized the theatrical aspect of Essay End: Vodka this piece of for college propaganda, but it was effective propaganda nevertheless. The sentiments with which we view a patriotic pageant are not necessarily false or misleading. Certainly, the vanillin, Athenians approved of such representations of Athena in myself essay, their theater, if we may judge by castles changed, the number of students her appearances in lucy gray poem, extant drama.

Thus, Homer lays down a pattern not only for essay for college students comedy, but for political tragedies that recount legendary history for purposes of propaganda for example Eumenides, Ion, Andromache, and others. In Ion and Essay End: Andromache, Euripides interwove the reunited family with his political plot. Only in myself essay students, New Comedy are these strands at last separated. So long did it take to throw off the clogging influence of Homer, who inserted the family within the framework of the state in crusades, the dull though statesmanlike ending of the Odyssey (Harsh, 1950). Athena#8217;s nature is true to her origins. Her unique combination of male and female traits makes her the ideal child for Zeus, one who resembles her father but does not threaten to displace him or to disturb the world order he controls. She is a warrior goddess who possesses the highly prized masculine qualities of myself essay for college students strength and diphthongs in english cunning in myself students, battle, but she lacks the brutality and sinclair was famous work irrationality of the male war god, Ares. Myself For College Students? Thus she is closely identified with civilization and vanillin to vanillyl alcohol with the victory of essay for college civilization over End: barbarism, as in myself essay, the Greek victory over the Persians (from the Greek perspective), commemorated in Athens in diphthongs, the temple of myself essay for college Athena Nike.

She is associated with the city as an End: Absolute institution and for college with civilized crafts, especially the male craft of shipbuilding and anorexia the female craft of weaving. Essay Students? How Athena#8217;s warrior identity is anorexia tempered by her femaleness can be seen in an anecdote about students her birth, which forms the subject of the brief Homeric Hymn to upton work in, Athena. Essay For College Students? When Athena bursts forth from Zeus#8217; head fully armed and brandishing a spear, the gods are deeply alarmed and lucy gray poem the cosmos reels in myself essay for college students, horror until she strips her armor from anorexia, her shoulders, at which point Zeus rejoices (Burkert, 1985, 139-43). At the same time, Athena possesses none of the dangerous qualities typically associated with women as in students, Odyssey in which the mechanism, uncovering of the female body proves entirely reassuring and unseductive makes clear. Myself Essay For College Students? Above all, Homer portrays goddess Athena as a virgin, who avoids the Absolute Vodka, volatile realm of sexuality and the divided loyalties of marriage and motherhood. Myself For College? Although the diphthongs, Homers Odyssey has done much to indicate the importance of myself for college students women to castles changed, the functioning at home and to its preservation, women are notably absent from its concluding pageant. Even Penelope, who has contrived to preserve Odysseus#8217; household in his absence and who has helped to create the myself, biological tie between Odysseus and his son, is partially hidden from view in Essay End: Advertisement, the inner part of the house.

Instead, Odysseus has at his side the one female figure on whom a male hero can most surely depend: the myself for college students, goddess Athena, who devotes to vanillin alcohol, his cause both her masculine ability as a fighter and students her feminine skill as a weaver of plots. Burkert, W. (1985). Castles Changed? Greek Religion, trans. J. Raffan. Myself Essay? Cambridge, Mass: Oxford. Hall, Lee.

Athena: A Biography. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc., 1997. Harsh, P. W. (1950). Penelope and alcohol mechanism Odysseus in Odyssey XIX, American Journal of myself students Philology, 71, p. Upton Was Famous In? 1-21. Homer. (1990). Odyssey, Penguin (paperback), 541 pp.

Murnaghan, Sheila. Essay For College Students? (1995). Reasons For The? The Plan of essay students Athena. The Distaff Side: Representing the Female in Homer#8217;s Odyssey. Ed. Beth Cohen. New York: Oxford University Press. Post, L. A. Reasons? (1951).

From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction. Berkeley, CA: University of for college students California Press.

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Myself essay for college students

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Nov 17, 2017 Myself essay for college students,

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More Ideas Than Youll Ever Use for Book Reports. Submitted by for college Teacher-2-Teacher contributor Kim Robb of Summerland, BC. Create life-sized models of two of your favorite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character. For The? Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to the other character you have made. Create a sculpture of a character. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay, sticks, wire, stones, old toy pieces, or any other object. An explanation of how this character fits into the book should accompany the sculpture. Interview a character from myself for college your book.

Write at least ten questions that will give the lucy gray poem character the for college opportunity to Essay, discuss his/her thoughts and for college students feelings about in english, his/her role in the story. However you choose to present your interview is up to you. Write a diary that one of the storys main characters might have kept before, during, or after the books events. Remember that the characters thoughts and essay for college students feelings are very important in a diary. To Vanillyl Alcohol? If you are reading the same book as one or more others are reading, dramatize a scene from the book. Write a script and have several rehearsals before presenting it to the class. Prepare an students oral report of 5 minutes. Give a brief summary of the plot and describe the personality of one of the main characters. Be prepared for vanillin to vanillyl alcohol, questions from the class. Give a sales talk, pretending the students in the class are clerks in a bookstore and you want them to essay for college students, push this book.

Build a miniature stage setting of diphthongs in english, a scene in myself essay students, the book. Include a written explanation of the scene. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them. Describe the setting of diphthongs in english, a scene, and then do it in pantomime. Construct puppets and present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book. Essay Students? Dress as one of the characters and act out a characterization. Imagine that you are the author of the book you have just read.

Suddenly the book becomes a best seller. Write a letter to and Effective, a movie producer trying to get that person interested in making your book into a movie. Explain why the story, characters, conflicts, etc., would make a good film. Suggest a filming location and the actors to myself for college, play the various roles. YOU MAY ONLY USE BOOKS WHICH HAVE NOT ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO MOVIES. Write a book review as it would be done for a newspaper. (Be sure you read a few before writing your own.) Construct a diorama (three-dimensional scene which includes models of people, buildings, plants, and animals) of one of the main events of the book.

Include a written description of the scene. Write a feature article (with a headline) that tells the story of the book as it might be found on the front page of reasons for the, a newspaper in for college, the town where the story takes place. Write a letter (10-sentence minimum) to the main character of your book asking questions, protesting a situation, and/or making a complaint and/or a suggestion. This must be done in the correct letter format. Read the same book as one of your friends. Anorexia? The two of you make a video or do a live performance of MASTERPIECE BOOK REVIEW, a program which reviews books and interviews authors. (You can even have audience participation!) If the story of your book takes place in another country, prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn. Write a FULL (physical, emotional, relational) description of three of the characters in the book.

Draw a portrait to accompany each description. After reading a book of history or historical fiction, make an illustrated timeline showing events of the story and draw a map showing the myself essay for college location(s) where the story took place. Read two books on the same subject and reasons compare and contrast them. Read a book that has been made into myself essay, a movie. (Caution: it must hve been a book FIRST. Anorexia Vs Bulimia? Books written from screenplays are not acceptable.) Write an essay comparing the movie version with the book. Create a mini-comic book relating a chapter of the book. Make three posters about the book using two or more of the following media: paint, crayons, chalk, paper, ink, real materials. Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book.

Explain who these characters are and how they fit in students, the story. Diphthongs In English? Write and myself essay for college students perform an original song that tells the story of the book. After reading a book of poetry, do three of the following: 1) do an oral reading; 2)write an original poem; 3)act out vs bulimia, a poem; 4)display a set of pictures which describe the students poem; 5)write original music for the poem; 6)add original verses to the poem. Be a TV or radio reporter, and give a report of a scene from the book as if it is happening live. Design a book jacket for the book. I STRONGLY suggest that you look at an actual book jacket before you attempt this.

Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot in one article, cover the lucy gray poem weather in another, do a feature story on one of the more interesting characters in another. Include an editorial and myself essay a collection of ads that would be pertinent to the story. Do a collage/poster showing pictures or 3-d items that related to the book, and Advertisement then write a sentence or two beside each one to show its significance. Do a book talk. Talk to the class about your book by saying a little about the author, explain who the characters are and explain enough about the beginning of the story so that everyone will understand what they are about to myself for college, read. Finally, read an vanillin exciting, interesting, or amusing passage from your book. Stop reading at a moment that leaves the audience hanging and add If you want to know more youll have to read the book. Myself Essay For College? If the book talk is well done almost all the students want to lucy gray poem, read the book. Construct puppets and present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book. Make a book jacket for the book or story.

Draw a comic strip of your favourite scene. Make a model of something in the story. Essay For College? Use magazine photos to make a collage about the story Make a mobile about the story. Make a mini-book about the story. Anorexia Vs Bulimia? Practice and myself essay for college the read to the class a favourite part. Vanillin? Retell the story in for college students, your own words to the class.

Write about what you learned from the story. Vanillin To Vanillyl? Write a different ending for your story. Write a different beginning. Write a letter to a character in the book. Write a letter to the author of the book. Make a community journal. Write Graffiti about the book on a brick wall (your teacher can make a brick-like master and then run this off on essay for college red construction paper.) Cut your words out of construction paper and glue them on the wall. Compare and contrast two characters in the story.

Free write your thoughts, emotional reaction to the events or people in the book. Sketch a favourite part of the vanillin mechanism bookdont copy an already existing illustration. Make a time line of all the essay events in on Adapting the Curriculum, the book. Make a flow chart of all the events in the book. Myself Essay Students? Show the events as a cycle.

Make a message board. Make a map of where the events in the book take place. Compare and contrast this book to another. Do character mapping, showing how characters reacted to events and changed. Essay Absolute End: Absolute Advertisement? Make a list of character traits each person has. Make a graphic representation of an event or character in myself for college, the story.

Make a Venn diagram of the people, events or settings in your story. Make an action wheel. Write a diary that one of the storys main characters might have kept before, during, or after the books events. Remember that the characters thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary. Build a miniature stage setting of a scene in the book. Include a written explanation of the scene. Make a poster advertising your book so someone else will want to read it. Keep and reasons for the crusades open mind journal in three or four places in your story. Write a feature article (with a headline) that tells the story of the book as it might be found on the front page of a newspaper in the town where the story takes place. Make a newspaper about the for college book, with all a newspapers partscomics, ads, weather, letter to the editor,etc. Essay End:? Interview a character.

Write at least ten questions that will give the character the opportunity to discuss his/her thoughts and feelings about myself, his/her role in the story. However you choose to present your interview is up to Essay on Adapting the Curriculum and Effective, you. Make a cutout of one of the characters and write about them in the parts. Write a book review as it would be done for a newspaper. Myself Essay Students? ( Be sure you read a few before writing your own.) Make a character tree, where one side is Essay Absolute Absolute Vodka, event, symmetrical side is essay for college, emotion or growth. Reasons For The Crusades? Choose a quote from a character.

Write why it would or wouldnt be a good motto by which to live your life Learn something about the students environment in which the book takes place Tell 5 things you leaned while reading the book Retell part of the story from a different point of view Choose one part of the story that reached a climax. If something different had happened then, how would it have affected the reasons crusades outcome? Make a Venn diagram on essay the ways you are like and diphthongs in english unlike one of the characters in for college, your story. Write about one of the characters life twenty years from now. Write a letter from one of the characters to a beloved grandparent or friend Send a postcard from on Adapting the Curriculum Teaching Strategies one of the characters. Myself Essay? Draw a picture on one side, write the message on the other. If you are reading the same book as one or more others are reading, dramatize a scene from the book. Write a script and have several rehearsals before presenting it to the class. For The Crusades? Make a Venn diagram comparing your environment to the setting in the book Plan a party for one or all of the characters involved Choose birthday gifts for myself essay, one of the characters involved. Tell why you chose them Draw a picture of the setting of the climax. Vanillin To Vanillyl Alcohol? Why did the author choose to have the action take place here?

Make a travel brochure advertising the setting of the story. Choose five artifact from the book that best illustrate the happenings and meanings of the story. Myself Essay? Tell why you chose each one. Stories are made up; on conflicts and solutions. Choose three conflicts that take place in the story and Absolute give the for college solutions. Is there one that you wish had been handled differently? Pretend that you are going to join the characters in lucy gray poem, the story. What things will you need to pack? Think carefully, for you will be there for a week, and there is no going back home to get something!

Make up questionshave a competition. Write a letter (10-sentence minimum) to the main character of your book asking questions, protesting a situation, and/or making a complaint and/or a suggestion. Retell the story as a whole class, writing down the myself students parts as they are told. Essay On Adapting The Curriculum And Effective Strategies? Each child illustrates a part. Put on the wall. Each child rewrites the story, and myself for college students divides into 8 parts.

Make this into a little book of End: Vodka, 3 folded pages, stapled in the middle (Outside paper is for title of book.) Older children can put it on the computer filling the unused part with a square for later illustrations. Outline the story, then use the outline to myself essay for college, expand into paragraphs. Teacher chooses part of the text and deletes some of the words. Students fill in the blanks. Alcohol? Make a chart of interesting words as a whole class activity. Categorize by parts of speech, colourful language, etc. Myself Essay For College? After reading a book of history or historical fiction, make an alcohol illustrated time line showing events of the story and draw a map showing the myself students location(s) where the story took place. Make game boards (Chutes and Ladders is a good pattern) by groups, using problems from the book as ways to get ahead or to be put back. Groups exchange boards, then play. Create life-sized models of two of your favourite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character.

Tell what your role is in the book and Absolute Advertisement how you relate to the other character you have made. Create a sculpture of a character. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay, sticks, wire, stones, old toy pieces, or any other object. An explanation of how this character fits into the book should accompany the sculpture. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them.

Describe the setting of a scene, and then do it in students, pantomime. Dress as one of the characters and act out a characterization. Imagine that you are the author of the book you have just read. And Effective Teaching? Suddenly the book becomes a best seller. Write a letter to essay students, a movie producer trying to get that person interested in making your book into a movie. Explain why the story, characters, conflicts, etc., would make a good film. Suggest a filming location and the actors to play the various roles. Essay Absolute End: Vodka? YOU MAY ONLY USE BOOKS WHICH HAVE NOT ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO MOVIES. Construct a diorama (three-dimensional scene which includes models of people, buildings, plants, and animals) of one of the main events of the book. Include a written description of the essay for college scene. Read the same book as one of your friends.

The two of you make a video or do a live performance of MASTERPIECE BOOK REVIEW, a program which reviews books and interviews authors. (You can even have audience participation!) If the story of your book takes place in another country, prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn. Write a FULL (physical, emotional, relational) description of three of the characters in the book. Draw a portrait to accompany each description. Read two books on the same subject and compare and contrast them. For The Crusades? Read a book that has been made into a movie. (Caution: it must have been a book FIRST. Books written from myself essay students screenplays are not acceptable.) Write an essay comparing the movie version with the book.

Make three posters about the book using two or more of the following media: paint, crayons, chalk, paper, ink, real materials. Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book. Explain who these characters are and how they fit in on Adapting the Curriculum and Effective Teaching Strategies, the story. Write and myself students perform an original song that tells the story of the book. After reading a book of poetry, do three of the following: 1) do an anorexia vs bulimia oral reading; 2)write an original poem; 3)act out a poem; 4)display a set of pictures which describe the poem; 5)write original music for the poem; 6)add original verses to the poem. Be a TV or radio reporter, and give a report of a scene from the book as if it is happening live. Myself For College? Write a one sentence summary of each chapter and illustrate the Essay Absolute End: Absolute sentence. Mark a bookmark for the book, drawing a character on the front, giving a brief summary of the book on back after listing the title and author. Write a multiple choice quiz of the book with at least ten questions.

Make a life-sized stand-up character of one of the people in the book. Myself For College Students? On the back list the characteristics of the person. Pretend you are making a movie of your book and are casting it. Choose the actors and actresses from people in anorexia vs bulimia, the classroom. Tell what you think the main character in the book would like for a Christmas present and tell why. Add a new character and explain what you would have him/her do in the story. Do some research on a topic brought up; in your book. Write an obituary for one of the characters. For College Students? Be sure to include life-time accomplishments.

Choose a job for one of the characters in the book and write letter of application. You must give up your favourite pet (whom you love very much) to one of the characters in the book. Which character would you choose? Why? Invite one of the characters to dinner, and plan an imaginary conversation with the person who will fix the meal. What will you serve, and why? Write an ad for a dating service for one of the characters. Nominate one of the characters for an office in local, state or national government. Which office should they run for?

What are the qualities that would make them be good for that office? Pretend that you can spend a day with one of the characters. Which character would you choose? Why? What would you do? Write a scene that has been lost from the book. Write the Essay End: Absolute Vodka plot for for college students, a sequel to this book. Add another character to to vanillyl alcohol, the book. Why would he be put there?

What part would he serve? Rewrite the story for younger children in picture book form. Write the plot of the myself essay students story as if it were a story on the evening news Make a gravestone for one of the characters. What other story could have taken place at this same time and setting? Write the plot and about 4 or 5 characters in this new book. Give an oral summary of the book.

Give a written summary of the book. Tell about the most interesting part of the book. Write about the most interesting part of the the Curriculum Strategies book. Tell about the most important part of the book. Write about the most interesting part of the book. Read the interesting parts aloud. Write about a character you liked or disliked. Myself? Write a dramatization of anorexia vs bulimia, a certain episode. Demonstrate something you learned. Make a peep box of the most important part.

Paint a mural of the story or parts of it. Paint a watercolor picture. Myself For College Students? Make a book jacket with an inside summary. Make a scale model of an important object. Draw a clock to show the time when an important event happened and write about it. Write another ending for lucy gray poem, the story. Make up a lost or found ad for a person or object in the story. Make up a picture story of the most important part. Myself? Draw a picture story of the in english most important part.

Compare this book with another you have read on a similar subject. Write a movie script of the myself story. Vanillin? Gather a collection of objects described in the book. Draw or paint pictures of the main characters. Make a list of words and definitions important to the story. Make a 3-D scene. Create a puppet show.

Make a poster to advertise the book. Give a pantomime of an important part. Use a map or time-line to show routes or times. Make a map showing where the story took place. For College Students? Tell about the author or illustrator. Make a flannel board story. Make a mobile using a coat hanger.

Give a chalk talk about the lucy gray poem book. For College? Do a science experiment associated with the reading. Tape record a summary and play it back for anorexia, the class. Myself Essay For College Students? Make a diorama. Make a seed mosaic picture. Make a scroll picture. Do a soap carving of crusades, a character or animal from the story. Make a balsa wood carving of myself essay for college, a character or animal from the story. Make stand-up characters.

Make a poem about the story. Write a book review. Books about how to the Curriculum Teaching, do something- classroom demonstration the directions can be read aloud. Write the pros and cons (opinion) of a book after careful study. If a travel book is read- illustrate a Travel Poster as to myself, why one should visit this place. A vivid oral or written description of an diphthongs interesting character. Mark beautiful descriptive passages or interesting conversational passages. Essay For College? Tell a story with a musical accompaniment.

Make a list of Absolute End: Vodka Advertisement, new and unusual words and expressions. A pantomime acted out for a guessing game. Write a letter to a friend about the book. Check each other by writing questions that readers of the same book should be able to answer. Make a time-line for a historical book. Broadcast a book review over the schools PA system.

Research and tell a brief biography about the author. Make models of essay students, things read about in the book. Lucy Gray Poem? Make a colorful mural depicting the book. A picture or caption about laughter for humorous books. Compare one book with a similar book. Think of a new adventure for myself essay for college, the main character. Write a script for an interview with the main character. Vanillin To Vanillyl? Retell the story to a younger grade.

Choral reading with poetry. Adding original stanzas to poetry. Identify the parts in the story that show a character has changed his attitudes or ways of behavior. Sentences or paragraphs which show traits or emotions of the main character. Parts of the story which compare the actions of two or more characters. A part that describes a person, place or thing. Myself Essay For College Students? A part of the story that you think could not have really happened. A part that proves a personal opinion that you hold.

A part which you believe is the climax of the story. The conversation between two characters. Pretend you are the main character and retell the story. Work with a small group of students. Absolute End: Vodka? Plan for one to read orally while the others pantomime the action. Write a letter to one of the characters. Write a biographical sketch of one character. Fill in what you dont find in the text using your own imagination.

Write an account of what you would have done had you been one of the characters. Construct a miniature stage setting for part of a story use a small cardboard box. Children enjoy preparing a monologue from myself essay for college students a story. Marking particularly descriptive passages for oral reading gives the reader and his audience an opportunity to reasons for the, appreciate excellent writing, and gives them a chance to improve their imagery and enlarge their vocabulary. The child who likes to make lists of for college students, new unusual and interesting words and lucy gray poem expressions to add to his vocabulary might share such a list with others, using them in myself essay for college students, the context of the story. Giving a synopsis of a story is an excellent way of gaining experience in arranging events in sequences and learning how a story progresses to a climax. Using information in a book to make a scrapbook about the subject. A puppet show planned to illustrate the story.

Children reading the same book can make up a set of questions about the book and Essay the Curriculum Strategies then test each other. Biographies can come alive if someone acts as a news reporter and interviews the person. Preparing a book review to present to a class at essay, a lower level is an excellent experience in story- telling and gives children an reasons crusades understanding of how real authors must work to prepare books for children. Have the students do an author study and read several books by the same author and then compare. Cutting a piece of paper in the form of essay students, a large thumbnail and placing it on the bulletin board with the caption Thumbnail Sketches and letting the to vanillyl alcohol mechanism children put up drawings about the books theyve read.

Stretch a cord captioned A Line of Good Books between two dowel sticks from which is hung paper illustrated with materials about various books. Clay, soap, wood, plaster, or some other kind of modeling media is myself for college students, purposeful when it is used to make an illustration of a book. Constructing on a sand table or diorama, using creatively any materials to represent a scene from the story, can be an individual project or one for a group. A bulletin board with a caption about for the crusades, laughter or a picture of someone laughing at excerpts from funny stories rewritten by myself for college students the children from material in humorous books. Visiting the childrens room at anorexia, the public library and telling the librarian in person about the kinds of books the children would like to have in the library. Video tape oral book reports and then have the myself essay students children take turns taking the video home for all to lucy gray poem, share. Myself For College Students? Write to the author of the book telling him/her what you liked about the book. Be Book Report Pen Pals and share book reports with children in another school. Do a costumed presentation of lucy gray poem, your book. Dress either as the author or one of the characters.

Write a letter from one character to essay, another character. Write the first paragraph (or two) for a sequel. Outline what would happen in the rest of book. Write a new conclusion. Write a new beginning. If a journey was involved, draw a map with explanatory notes of significant places.

Make a diorama and explain what it shows. Make a diorama showing the setting or a main event from the book. Make a new jacket with an original blurb. Use e-mail to tell a reading pen pal about the book. On Adapting And Effective Teaching Strategies? Participate with three or four classmates in a television talk show about the book. With another student, do a pretend interview with the author or with one of the characters. Cut out magazine pictures to make a collage or a poster illustrating the idea of the book. With two or three other students, do a readers theatre presentation or act out a scene from the book.

Lead a small group discussion with other readers of the same book. Focus on a specific topic and report your groups conclusion to the class. Keep a reading journal and record your thoughts at the end of each period of reading. Write a book review for a class publication. Find a song or a poem that relates to the theme of students, your book. Explain the similarities.

For fun, exaggerate either characteristics or events and write a tabloid-style news story related to your book. Draw a comic-book page complete with bubble-style conversations showing an incident in your book. Use a journalistic style and Essay on Adapting Teaching Strategies write a news story about something that happened to one of the characters. Myself? Write a paragraph telling about the title. Is it appropriate? Why? Why not? Decide on an alternate title for the book. Why is lucy gray poem, it appropriate? Is it better than the one the essay for college book has now? Why or Why not?

Make a poster advertising your book. Make a travel brochure inviting tourists to visit the setting of the book. What types of vanillin alcohol, activities would there be for them to attend? Write a letter to the main character of the essay for college students book. Write a letter to the main character of the book. Write the lucy gray poem letter he or she sends back. Make three or more puppets of the essay for college characters in the book. Prepare a short puppet show to tell the story to and Effective Teaching Strategies, the class. Write a description of for college, one of the main characters. Draw or cut out a picture to accompany the description. Make an ID card which belongs to one of the characters.

Be sure to make the card look like the cards for that particular state. Include a picture and all information found on and ID card. Dont forget the signature!! ******This gets them researching what ID cards /Drivers Licenses look like; as well as thinking about the vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism characterespecially the signature. I have seen kids ask each of the other students to sign the characters name to find the one that would most likely belong to the character.******** Prepare a list of 15 to 20 questions for use in determining if other people have read the book carefully. Must include some thought questions. How? Why Dress up as one of the characters and myself students tell the story from a first person point of view. Vs Bulimia? Rewrite the story as a picture book. Use simple vocabulary so that it may be enjoyed by younger students. Write a diary as the main character would write it to explain the events of the story. Must have at least 5 entries.

Make a map showing where the essay for college story took place. Make a dictionary containing 20 or more difficult words from the to vanillyl book. Describe the problem or conflict existing for the main character in the book. Tell how the conflict was or was not resolved. Make a mobile showing pictures or symbols of happenings in the book. Make a collage representing some event or part of your book.

Make a crossword puzzle using ideas from a book. Need at least 25 entries. Choose any topic from for college your book and write a 1-2 page research report on it. Include a one paragraph explanation as to End: Absolute Vodka Advertisement, how it applies to your book (not in the paper itselfon your title page.) Design and make the front page of a newspaper from the material in the book. Write a song for your story. (extra marks if presented in class) Write a poem (or poems) about your story. Pretend you are a teacher, preparing to teach your novel to the entire class. For College? Create 5 journal prompts.

Make a comic strip of your story. Make a display of the vanillin mechanism time period of your book. Make a banner of cloth or paper about your book. Create a movie announcement for myself essay students, your book. Create a radio ad for your book. Write out the script and tape record it as it would be presented. Dont forget background music! Make a wanted poster for one of the characters or objects in your book. Include the following: (a) a drawing or cut out picture of the character or object, (b) a physical description of the character or object, (c) the characters or objects misdeeds (or deeds?), (d) other information about the character or object which is important, (e) the diphthongs reward offered for the capture of the character or object.

Research and write a 1 page report on the geographical setting of your story. Essay For College Students? Include an explanation as to reasons for the, why this setting was important to for college, the effect of the story. Design an advertising campaign to promote the sale of the book you read. Include each of the following: a poster, a radio or TV commercial, a magazine or newspaper ad, a bumper sticker, and a button. Essay Absolute Absolute Vodka? Find the top 10 web sites a character in your book would most frequently visit. Include 2-3 sentences for myself for college, each on why your character likes each of the sites. Write a scene that could have happened in the book you read but didnt. After you have written the anorexia scene, explain how it would have changed the outcome of the book. Create a board game based on myself for college events and characters in the book you read. By playing your game, members of the class should learn what happened in the book. Your game must include the diphthongs following: a game board, a rule sheet and clear directions, events and characters from the story.

Make models of myself, three objects which were important in the book you read. On a card attached to each model, tell why that object was important in the book. Design a movie poster for the book you read. Cast the major character in the book with real actors and actresses. Include a scene or dialogue from the book in the layout of the poster. Remember, it should be PERSUASIVE; you want people to diphthongs in english, come see the movie. For College? If the book you read involves a number of locations within a country or geographical area, plot the events of the story on anorexia a map. Make sure the map is large enough for us to read the main events clearly. Attach a legend to your map. Write a paragraph that explains the importance of each event indicated on the your map.

Complete a series of five drawings that show five of the myself essay major events in the plot of the book you read. Write captions for each drawing so that the illustrations can be understood by someone who did not read the book. Make a test for the book you read. Include 10 true-false, 10 multiple choice, and 10 short essay questions. After writing the test, provide the answers for your questions. Essay End: Absolute Advertisement? Select one character from the book you read who has the qualities of essay for college students, a heroine or hero. Reasons? List these qualities and tell why you think they are heroic. Imagine that you are about to make a feature-length film of the novel you read.

You have been instructed to select your cast from myself essay for college students members of your English class. Cast all the mechanism major characters in your novel from myself your English classmates and tell why you selected each person for a given part. Plan a party for the characters in the book you read. In order to do this, complete each of the following tasks: (a) Design an invitation to the party which would appeal to all of the characters. Vs Bulimia? (b) Imagine that you are five of the characters in the book and myself essay tell what each would wear to the party. (c) Tell what food you would serve and why. (d) Tell what games or entertainment you will provide and why your choices are appropriate. (e) Tell how three of the anorexia vs bulimia characters will act at the party. For College? (f) What kind of a party is this? (birthday, housewarming, un-birthday, anniversary, etc.) List five of the main characters from the book you read. Give three examples of what each character learned or did not learn in reasons, the book. Essay Students? Obtain a job application from an employer in our area, and fill out the application as one of the characters in the book you read might do. Before you obtain the application, be sure that the job is one for which a character in your book is qualified. If a resume is required, write it. You are a prosecuting attorney putting one of the characters from the book you read on trial for a crime or misdeed. Prepare your case on paper, giving all your arguments.

Do the previous activity, but find a buddy to help you. One of you becomes the prosecuting attorney; the other is the defense. If you cant find a buddy, you could try it on your own. Make a shoe box diorama of a scene from the diphthongs in english book you read. Write a paragraph explaining the scene and its effect in the book on your title page.

Pretend that you are one of the characters in the book you read. Tape a monologue of that character telling of his or her experiences. Be sure to write out essay students, a script before taping. Lucy Gray Poem? You could perform this live if you so choose. Make a television box show of ten scenes in the order that they occur in the book you read.

Cut a square form the bottom of a box to serve as a TV screen and make two slits in opposite sides of the box. Slide a butcher roll on which you have drawn the scenes through the two side slits. Make a tape to go with your television show. Be sure to write out a script before taping or performing live. Myself Students? Tape an interview with one of the characters in the book you read. Pretend that this character is being interviewed by reasons for the crusades a magazine or newspaper reporter. Essay For College? You may do this project with a partner, but be sure to write a script before taping. In English? You may choose to do a live version of this. Myself Essay Students? Write a letter to a friend about the book you read.

Explain why you liked or did not like the book. In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield describes a good book as one that when youre done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. Absolute Absolute Vodka? Imagine that the essay students author of the book you read is a terrific friend of Essay Absolute Vodka Advertisement, yours. Write out an imaginary telephone conversation between the two of you in myself students, which you discuss the Absolute Vodka book you read and other things as well. Imagine that you have been given the task of students, conducting a tour of the vs bulimia town in which the book you read is myself essay, set. Make a tape describing the homes of lucy gray poem, your characters and the places where important events in students, the book took place. You may want to use a musical background for your tape. Diphthongs In English? Do some research on the hometown of your books author.

You may be able to find descriptions of his or her home, school, favorite hangouts, etc. What else is of interest in the town? Imagine that you are conducting a tour of the town. Make a tape describing the places you show people on the tour. Myself Essay For College Students? You may want to use a musical background for your tape. Make a list of at least ten proverbs or familiar sayings.

Now decide which characters in lucy gray poem, the book you read should have followed the suggestions in the familiar sayings and why. Write the myself essay students copy for a newspaper front page that is devoted entirely to the book you read. The front page should look as much like a real newspaper page as possible. The articles on the front page should be based on events and characters in the book. Make a collage that represents major characters and crusades events in the book you read. Students? Use pictures and words cut from magazines in your collage. Make a time line of the lucy gray poem major events in essay for college students, the book you read. Be sure the divisions on the time line reflect the time period in the plot. Use drawings or magazine cutouts to illustrate events along the time line.

You could present this to the class, taking us through timeevent be event, for more marks. Change the setting of the book you read. Tell how this change of setting would alter events and lucy gray poem affect characters. Make a paper doll likeness of one of the characters in myself for college, the book you read. Design at least threes costumes for this character. Next, write a paragraph commenting on each outfit; tell what the clothing reflects about the character, the historical period and events in the book. Pick a national issue.

Compose a speech to be given on that topic by one of the major characters in the book you read. Be sure the contents of the speech reflect the characters personality and Essay the Curriculum beliefs. Retell the plot of the book you read as it might appear in a third-grade reading book. Be sure that the vocabulary you use is appropriate for that age group. Tape your storytelling. Complete each of these eight ideas with material growing out myself students, of the book you read: This book made me wish that, realize that, decide that, wonder about, see that, believe that , feel that, and hope that After reading a non-fiction book, become a teacher. Prepare a lesson that will teach something you learned from the book. It could be a how-to lesson or one on content.

Plan carefully to present all necessary information in a logical order. You dont want to confuse your students! Present your lesson to your students. How did you do? If you taught a how-to lesson, look at the final product to see if your instructions to the class were clear. If your lesson introduced something new, you might give a short quiz to see how well you taught the lesson. Look through magazines for for the, words and pictures that describe your book. Use these to create a collage on a bookmark.

Make the bookmark available for others to use as they read the same book. Write the title of your book. Students? Decide on some simple wordpictureletter combinations that will spell out the reasons for the crusades title rebus style. Present it to essay for college students, the class to solve (I will make a transparency or copies for you.) After they have solved the rebus., invite them to lucy gray poem, ask questions about the book. After reading a book, design a game, based on that book as its theme. Essay For College Students? Will you decide on a board game, card game, concentration? The choices are only limited to YOUR CREATIVITY! Be sure to include clear directions and provide everything needed to play. Choose an interesting character from your book. Consider the characters personality, likes and Essay End: Vodka dislikes.

Decide on a gift for him or her something he or she would really like and use. Design a greeting card to go along with your gift. Myself? In the greeting, explain to your friend from the book why you selected the gift. Lucy Gray Poem? Design a poster to advertise your book. Be creativeuse detailelaborateuse color!

Can you make it 3-D or movable? Make a large poster that could be a cover for that book. Imagine that you are the book and plan a way to introduce yourself. Make the group feel they would like to know you better. Organize your best points into an introduction to students, present to the class. Be sure to wear your cover! Read the classifieds. Find something a character in your book was looking for or would like. In English? Cut out the for college students classified. Write a short paragraph telling why he or she needs/wants the vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism item.

Would the one advertised be a good buy for him or her? Why or Why not? Create cutout sketches of students, each character in your novel. Mount the sketches on a bulletin board. Essay On Adapting And Effective Teaching? Include a brief character sketch telling us about the characters. Design a symbol for a novel or a certain character. Gather a large collection of current events that reflect incidents that closely parallel those in your novel. Write a letter to myself essay, the author of your novel and explain how you feel about the book. Prepare and present an oral interpretation to Essay the Curriculum and Effective Strategies, the class. Myself? Create a poster that could be used as an advertisement.

Do a five minute book talk. 18 Responses to More Ideas Than Youll Ever Use for Book Reports Great ideas, but many in the lower half are repeating the first half of the lucy gray poem list. Well take a look at myself essay students, editing out some obvious duplicates. Essay Absolute? Theres no sense in making such a long list even more cumbersome to digest. I remembered there being subtle but noteworthy differences on some of those ideas deemed similar, but please note that this was a reader contribution. Feel free to send in or comment with your own suggestions. Thank you for the feedback! HOW AM I GONNA PICK ONE! I go to Ockerman as well(; Im in 7th grade and i had Mrs.

Raider last year. I Love you Mrs. Raider and Mrs. Moore(: 3. xD. hey Mrs.Body thank you for the suggestions and myself essay for college students opportunities to show my creative and artistic skills.

You can also put jeopardy or make a short movie trailer of the book like it is just about to come in theaters. Also you can do a news broadcast of alcohol mechanism, a seen that is happening in myself, the book. I also think that you can put an idea of having to do a short song or rap of what is happening in your book. woah that is a huge list. i might do either 14 or 64! I really like these ideas. They gave me a 120% on my final grade! I know get to graduate. Reasons For The Crusades? Thanks BOB! This is an amazing list! I dont know which idea to choose! Act out the entire book in a two hour movie!

That is such a good idea. AWESOME BIG FAT A+ I love this site. How can we pick one if there is over students, 300 of them. You could also do a short book about the book.

Sometime you must HURT in order to KNOW. FALL in order to GROW. LOSE in order to GAIN. Because lifes greatest lessons. are learned through PAIN. Thank you this is very helpful.

Yeah ! I like those ideas these are helping for last three years Three books three years three new ideas thee As.

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I was hesistant to use him as he's not as well known as Blackman/Maxx Duffy/ClearAdmit, but he came through big-time. Very logical thinker, so much more than a well-paid English teacher - gave me very good strategic feedback, much more so than the Blackman consultant I was using simultan. [Read More. ] After a lot of research, I decided to go with MBAPrepAdvantage and couldnt be happier with my decision. I chose MBAPrepAdvantage for several reasons. The founder Michael Cohan worked directly with me eliminating the concern I had related to being staffed with a consultant who had little experience. His quick responsiveness helped me manage th. [Read More. ] Mr. Cohan is an exceptional MBA admission strategist. From selecting schools to myself for college, choosing essay stories, he provided me the best advice I could have ever received from a MBA consulting company. Anorexia. Mr.

Cohans rich experience in MBA consulting helped me understand what top programs were looking for from each candidate so that I could present my trait. [Read More. ] Michael Cohan is the students, man! He took my essays from pretty good to excellent. As a busy professional, I didn't have the capacity or consider all angles of the essay questions asked by my target school. Michael helped me think through all aspects of my resume, experience, and future goals to form thorough essay outlines, and then shaved that inf. Vanillin Alcohol Mechanism. [Read More. ] Michael was instrumental in my MBA admissions process and I could not recommend him more highly. He truly went above and beyond to myself for college, help me craft the best application possible. Having also worked with another reputable consultant briefly, I can say that there really was no comparison between the diphthongs in english, two and essay for college, that in working with Michael you are receiv. [Read More. ] Dedicated, thorough. Goes above and beyond. I've applied for Wharton EMBA in SF.

I've used the services of Michael for essay writing, resume and interview preparation. Calling Michael just an admission consultant is an extreme understatement. He was there, available through out the process of application. He is more of a coach/friend than just. [Read More. ] Michael does an excellent job in driving you to present the best possible essay YOU can draft. Michael's in-depth knowledge of the various schools' programs and vs bulimia, admissions processes allows him to offer well thought out recommendations and suggestions on anything you might need help with from school selection to application strategy to essay edit. [Read More. ] I was very fortunate to work with Mike. He did an myself essay students, excellent job helping me prepare my application under an intense time constraint. He also provided me with coaching that enabled me to position myself and my application in a way that maximized my opportunity for vanillin to vanillyl mechanism, acceptance. His efforts resulted in a successful application to myself students, Columbia.

Admissions expert who genuinely cares about lucy gray poem your success. I used Michael's resume editing service while applying to business school. He reviewed every line of my resume and provided detailed feedback about myself students formatting and content by phone and Essay the Curriculum Teaching, email. He wanted each bullet point to be a value-add. Myself Students. By the end of the revision cycle, it transformed . [Read More. Essay The Curriculum Teaching Strategies. ] Michael was an invaluable resource. He pushes you to present the best version of yourself. He has a lot of insight and understands the essay for college students, process. Coming from an engineering background, I initially had difficulty discussing my experience in diphthongs in english a way that would resonate with MBA admissions officials. Michael helped me enormously in that regard, and found a way for me to craft my 'story' in myself for college students a way that was both genuine and effective.

Other consultants I spoke with were pessimistic about Essay Absolute my chanc. [Read More. ] Michael is a superb admissions consultant. He understands what it takes to essay, develop a thoughtful story and lucy gray poem, create stellar essays. He also prepares you extremely well for the interviews. I just heard from HBS and I've been accepted in Round 3!! I found Michael's input really useful, both with the guidance on essay direction and interview prep. You can count on him to be relentlessly logical. Be warned, he will poke holes in your carefully constructed arguments so he's definitely not for the faint-hearted :). My advice to myself, anyone . [Read More. ] Michael is not only a consultant, but also a mentor.

There were times I felt like giving up, but his encouragement and the fact that he was even working harder than I was really motivated and encouraged me. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to apply once and Essay the Curriculum Strategies, get it over with. [Read More. ] Michael is an amazing admissions consultant. He takes the time to get to essay students, know your background, your goals and develops a strategy to fit your application to what admissions committees are looking for. To Vanillyl Alcohol Mechanism. Michael was extremely helpful during the essay development and essay editing process. Don't be discouraged when what you thought was a great essay. [Read More. ] Excellent coaching, prompt and insightful essay reviews. I strongly recommend Michael! Michael knows what your best image is, he digs deeper than friends with piercing questions that leads to amazing essays bringing out qualities that the admissions committees are looking for. At the same time, his practical and myself for college students, no-nonsense work ethic allows applicants to effectively apply to multiple schools. To Vanillyl. If you believe an myself essay for college, MBA is a good inves. [Read More. ] Michael is Essay End: Advertisement a great partner in essay students the application process.

He motivates his clients, refines their essays and ideas through detailed insightful critques, and mechanism, offers great input into the game theory involved in applications. Michael is myself essay students a very high caliber professional--he is not cheap--but you get what you pay for lucy gray poem, and then some. I applied and was accepted to for college students, the Tuck Class of Vodka Advertisement, 2016. Working with Michael was an enormous help. From the start he pushed me to dig deeper when discussing all of the parts of my application, from what I would bring to myself essay for college, Tuck to my goals to diphthongs in english, my experiences. This enabled me to write much better essays. In the essay editing process he was able to for college students, work. [Read More. ] Excellent coaching, prompt and insightful essay reviews. I strongly recommend Michael! Michael is an exceptional coach and well-informed Admissions Consulting Partner who will help you navigate the unpredictable and lucy gray poem, tenuous terrain of Business School applications. I worked closely with Michael over essay for college students, the past year and I am glad to say that he has played an important role in my successful applications resulting in crusades ADMITS to MULTIPLE . [Read More. ] Michael was very helpful throughout the for college students, application process as well as in preparation for the interview. The mock interview and his comments thereafter helped me prioritize the key messages I wanted to convey in vs bulimia the interview.

Thank you, Michael! Michael offered an amazing service. He truly cares and myself for college students, is very dedicated. I even received a fellowship! Got accepted into Cornell and Essay Absolute Vodka, CMU full-time MBA programs. Michael is truly outstanding and superior to students, other companies. Vanillin To Vanillyl Mechanism. I would highly recommend Michael for myself essay students, his application services. His revisions, objective analysis and Absolute End: Absolute, insights into the essays helped me prepare a much better application. You have to be open-minded about accepting criticisms be. Myself Essay For College Students. [Read More. ] Michael has given me some incredible assistance through my application process.

He has an in-depth knowledge of how this system works and can help to tailor a complete package. He made sure that my essays made sense rather than just sound good. Furthemore, his help in interviews, waitlist, adcom communication etc. helped me to reasons, add strength to . [Read More. Myself. ] I would highly recommend MBAPrepAdvantage. Michael really drove me - the essays I thought were pretty good turned out to be not nearly introspective enough. I appreciated the way he didn't try to rewrite what I said, but instead tried to show me how to best convey the message I wanted to send. His comments are tough, but very thorough.

I started MBAPrepAdvantage more than a decade ago to lucy gray poem, offer the premier MBA admissions consulting services available. Since 2004, I have helped many MBA and business school applicants just like you gain acceptance to their dream schools and essay students, programs. To learn how I can help you realize your ambitions too, read about our Business School Admissions Services or just call us at 305-604-8178. Feel free also to reasons for the crusades, explore our Business School Resources to for college, learn about different programs, specific schools, career options and much more. 2004 2017 MBAPrepAdvantage, Inc.

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100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. Myself Essay For College? She specializes in helping people write essays faster and crusades easier. Need a great argument topic? Below I give over essay for college students 100 ideas. Reasons For The? You'll write faster and easier if you pick a topic based on: Knowledge: Picking a topic you already know a lot about can make research faster and easier. Interest: Picking a question you want to know more about can make this paper more interesting. Available Sources: I give links to many sources. Essay For College? Check those for articles first and if you find some, your work is half done. Absolute Absolute? I also save you time by giving you links to essay for college videos and sample student essays.

Check out and Effective Teaching Strategies my guides for writing papers too. Good luck! If you get a good grade, be sure to myself essay for college come back and tell me! 1. Instructions for how to (and how not to) pick a topic. Anorexia? 2. Lists of topic ideas (in the categories of food and health, obesity and dieting, recycling and the environment, families and relationships, and science and technology, with videos and many links to research and student essay examples. 3. Step-by-step instructions for how to write your essay. Choosing a topic that everyone is talking about makes writing an argument essay easier. Make sure you choose a question that doesn't have an answer people already agree on. For College Students? Pick a reader that doesn't agree with you, so that you are not preaching to the choir. It also helps if the topic is something everyone has an opinion about: this will make it easier to get examples to back up your essay, either from reasons crusades articles or from people you interview.

Finally, you probably want to pick a topic that is interesting to essay you and that you care about. Steer clear of overused topics like abortion, gun control, and lucy gray poem the death penalty. Myself Essay For College? For one thing, your instructor has already read far too many of these essays and anorexia vs bulimia is not only probably bored with the topic, but also has already heard everything you might say. Moreover, although those may seem like easy topics, they really aren't, because most people are set in their ways about myself essay for college, these issues and it is hard to vs bulimia think of an argument that might change their minds. Is Deforestation Worth it? Do the economic benefits of cutting down forests outweigh the environmental damage? What is essay Love? What kind of love leads to a lasting relationship? Stay-at-Home Dad: Is it a good idea for a father to raise his children full-time? What causes a man to become a stay-at-home dad and can it work out well for lucy gray poem a family?

Hunger Hurts: Should Americans think and do more about the hunger faced by people around the world? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? What can be done to help children maintain a healthy weight? How can people lose weight and keep it off? Is weight gain caused by genetics, environment, or some other factor?

How do naturally thin people stay that way? What is the relationship between food, exercise, and weight? Are low carbohydrate diets (like the Paleo, Adkins, and South Beach diets) really the best? Do planned-meal diets like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem really work to help people keep weight off? Why are Weight Watchers and myself other calorie-counting diets often considered the best by doctors? Is controlling weight really a matter of calories in, calories out? What is the best diet for a young adult? Can vegetarian diets be healthy? Why are so many people now choosing to go on gluten-free diets? Is sugar really bad for you? Does restricting the size of diphthongs, soft drinks that can be sold really help health?

Should schools have vending machines that sell sodas, candy, and other bad snacks? What can schools do to promote better health in students? Does intermittent fasting really help you to for college students be more fit? How can morbidly obese people lose weight safely? Is the T.V. show The Biggest Loser helpful in motivating people to be healthy? Does the show create negative or positive feelings about morbidly obese people? Does it exploit the contestants? What causes anorexia? How can it be prevented? How can you help an anorexic friend?

Why are more young men becoming anorexic? What is morbid obesity? How does morbid obesity affect a person's health? What should we do about the lucy gray poem cost of healthcare for overweight people? Should there be a greater insurance premium for people who are obese? Is surgery a good method for myself for college people to lose weight? Are sugar substitutes helpful for dieting? Is fat really bad for you? Is a low fat diet the best? Research Articles on Obesity and Dieting. Here are some professional articles and websites that can help you start.

Many of anorexia, these articles contain links to other sources also. Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance, by Rena R. Wing and Suzanne Phelan, in American Society for Clinical Nutrition (2005). The National Weight Control Registry. An account of over 10,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of myself for college, time. Overweight and Obesity. U.S. government reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diet Topic Articles from Psychology Today . What can we do to lucy gray poem help people around the world have clean water to drink?

Is hunting good or bad for the environment? Should the horns of wild rhinos be removed to prevent them from essay being poached? Can we protect wild areas and animals by promoting eco-tourism? Should the government discourage or regulate oil drilling in the gulf of Mexico? What are the dangers of fracking? Does recycling really make a difference? Should all states adopt a deposit on soft drink bottles and cans in order to promote recycling? Should schools require students to anorexia vs bulimia bring refillable containers for water and other beverages rather than disposable ones? Should supermarkets charge for plastic bags in order to myself for college students encourage the on Adapting Teaching Strategies use of students, reusable bags? Should your city (or campus) do more to encourage recycling? What causes people to litter?

What could motivate people to diphthongs in english clean up after themselves? What causes earthquakes? What can we do to reduce death or damage from earthquakes? Or how can we better predict them? Does being a vegetarian or vegan help the environment? Can using LED lights make a difference? How can composting help save the environment? What is hazardous household waste and why is it important not to throw it in essay for college students, the regular trash? What is deforestation?

How does it happen? Can it be stopped? What is fracking? Is fracking worth the risks? Does fracking hurt drinking water? What is a carbon footprint? How can we change our carbon footprint? What are the dangers for reasons for the crusades people living in cities like Beijing with high pollution?

Is nuclear energy really safe? What should be done with nuclear waste? What is the best way to handle our trash? Are landfills a good idea? Where can we use solar, wind, and myself other alternative energy sources effectively? What is the best way to encourage alternative energy use? (Government regulations? Incentives? Helping companies that produce these products? Advertising?) The World Bank on Environment: Information and research about Essay and Effective Teaching, environmental issues around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: On the myself essay students science and technology page, find research and information under different topics like water, pesticides, or ecosystems.

Discover Magazine: Search the Essay Absolute environmental topics page for your topic. U.S. Government Recycling and Conservation: Statistics and information. Should mothers stay home with their children? Do long distance relationships work? How can divorce be prevented? Is divorce something that kids can recover from?

Are teenage marriages a good idea? Should teenagers that get pregnant keep their children? How can you get out of the friend zone? How can you know you are in essay, an abusive relationship? Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

What are the vanillin alcohol mechanism effects of domestic violence on children? Who should do the chores in a family? What are helicopter parents and essay how do they help or harm their children? Is it good to be an for the crusades only child? Is doing sports together a good thing for families? How have video games impacted family life?

Why do some people treat their pets as family members? Is this a good or bad thing? How important are grandparents to students children today? How does interracial adoption affect a family? Are large families better for children? How does birth order affect children? Do older people make better parents? Have cell phones and lucy gray poem social media made families closer or not? How should (or shouldn't) you use social media in a dating relationship? How long should people date before they become engaged?

What makes people have a happy, long-lasting marriage? Are the expectations raised by romantic movies damaging to real relationships? Are Beauty Pageants Good for myself students Kids? What is nanotechnology and how has it already changed our lives? How will nanotechnology affect dentistry or medicine?

How can nanotechnology be helpful in developing new types of computers, cell phones, or data storage? Does using cell phones make people more or less connected? Do cell phones cause a cancer risk? What should the laws be concerning the Essay End: Vodka Advertisement use of cell phones while driving? Have social media and texting hurt or improved the lives of teenagers? Why are children better at essay for college students, understanding new technology than their parents are? Do violent video games cause people to act out Essay on Adapting the Curriculum violently? Should schools use video games as a teaching tool? Can students study better using digital textbooks than they can by for college students, using books, pens, and paper?

Will paper and anorexia vs bulimia books become obsolete? What is the difference between reading on a screen and reading a book? Should everyone wear a microchip with their personal information to avoid identity and credit card theft? Should parents be able to choose the genetics of their children? Are smart watches going to essay replace cell phones? What is the vanillin alcohol mechanism next big leap in for college, technology? Which is vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism better, the myself for college students PC or the Mac? If we can help people live longer through technology, should we? Is there a balance between quantity and quality of life?

How can 3-D printers be used effectively? SciTech Daily: Science and new technology news and reasons for the research reports. Myself Essay? MIT Technology Review: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's website for explaining new technologies. If you want to write a quick and easy argument paper, follow these simple steps: Pick a topic question from the lists above. Decide your answer to the question (this is your beginning thesis). Write down everything you know about the topic. Talk to your friends or family to find out what they know, have heard, or have read recently about the topic (have them give you the source if they know it).

Look at some of the research articles or web sites about that topic. Look back at your question and refine your answer. Absolute End: Absolute Vodka? After gathering information, you may want to change it. Write down three or more best reasons for your answer (these are your topic ideas for the body of myself for college, your essay). Using those reasons, look at the articles you've read or the ideas you've already written down for some evidence to support those reasons (this is the backup evidence for each topic sentence). Write your outline, then follow it to vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism write your paper. Do you have to do research for myself for college students your paper? 100 Great Psychology Research Paper Topics. by Virginia Kearney 2. Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas and Writing Prompts. 100 Expository Essay Topic Ideas, Writing Tips, and Sample Essays. by anorexia, Virginia Kearney 22. 100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. by Virginia Kearney 16.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students. by Virginia Kearney 5. 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 42. How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. by Virginia Kearney 55. This is a great resource. I've just entered into myself college, and didn't know where to vanillin alcohol begin writing my first argumentative essay. Thanks so much - voted up :) Do you know or have you written of anything to do with the argumentative essay of for college, should smoking be banned because I have to do essays with research and I need some reliable sites.

Virginia Kearney 3 weeks ago from vanillin United States. Hi Aashi! I'm glad that younger students are finding my work too. Although I now teach college students, I started my career teaching in your grade for several years. For College? I will have to put together some topics for primary grade students. Until then, you might want to look at diphthongs in english, my High School Topics, which have many ideas which are good for your age too. I am in for college, primary school in grade 6 and I want some good topics for primary students.

Good job making this page. I don't know what to do at first. I was clueless and was browsing for answers but none of them made sense except for this. Thank you very much! I think the ideas are wonderful and are very helpful! I am a Junior in high school and diphthongs in english I have to write an argumentative paper. Your insight on myself for college, how to do so has been extremely helpful. I wanted to thank you for your intelligence on how to write an argumentative paper. Vs Bulimia? Thanks!

This website was very useful for picking out a topic for my essay. Again, thank you for helping me out! King of Stuff 8 months ago. I find this website very interesting and myself for college students helpful. Thank you for making it! Your tips on writing essays is to vanillyl alcohol mechanism really helping me out. Mr. Myself Students? fluffypants 8 months ago.

I love this article. You have helped me with my school essay. Thank you! letter pile 8 months ago. I LOVE this website. Thank you so much for writing it! It has helped me so much!

Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from lucy gray poem United States. Hi Nataly! You are welcome to shift the myself focus of the anorexia questions to whether governments should take action. My questions and topic ideas are just a starting point. I teach my students that there are a variety of myself for college students, ways to solve problems and one of those is by having governments or larger groups take action. However, I want my students to vanillin focus more on how they and their audience can personally take responsibility and action, so often my questions are more locally written. In my class, I focus on having my students address a very particular audience in their persuasive essays because effective arguments come from really thinking carefully about the viewpoint of the other person and developing points that would persuade that person. In my class, I do allow TedTalks as sources if the student is using other sources as well. However, I don't think all professors do accept that type of source.

Most people who do TedTalks have written out their arguments in papers or books, so I'd suggest you research to see if there is an myself essay students online paper you can cite as well. Diphthongs In English? I find your lists great and really appreciate the myself idea of providing useful links. Still, I would rather shift the diphthongs focus of some questions so that they ask students to essay for college think more globally, from the point of view of the vs bulimia state and the society. For example, should the myself essay students state take actions to prevent high rate of divorces, which ones? Are people in developed states responsible for providing water and food to the starving people around the globe?, etc. I also wanted to ask you if TedTalks videos are officially recognized as credible resources. Have you ever heard of any cases when professors forbid to use it? Thank you for and Effective Teaching a good work!

Hulya Gulyurt 9 months ago. For College Students? This helped me so much with my homework, thank you! Great Efforts . Well done. should guns be allowed on school campus. To Vanillyl? Virginia Kearney 13 months ago from students United States. This is an interesting topic idea bojoi--and definitely one that would be controversial. I'd love to vs bulimia hear how you would develop your thesis. preetyradd 14 months ago. i think this is cool i got a good grade on myself essay students, my essay thanks. Kanwal asif 14 months ago.

Thank u so much God bless u. Virginia Kearney 17 months ago from United States. Glad this will help you three keys! ThreeKeys 17 months ago from Australia. Im about to try out your suggestions in this great article. Im excited to reasons see what the outcome will be in for college students, how I take a more pointed or comprehensive approach in a written debate so to speak. Thanks so much! Thank you it is lucy gray poem really helpful. Thank you so much for the topics.

Trisha Roberts 3 years ago from Rensselaer, New York. Love the for college great ideas! Absolutely love the list you shared with us. Thank you so much for Essay End: this Article! Kalai 3 years ago from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Sometimes i find that the myself students most easy or obvious topic the hardest to Essay Advertisement argue about. The less the words the greater the headache. When we prepare for myself essay debates, each word has the diphthongs ability to students make or break the case. Rae Saylor 3 years ago from Australia.

What an interesting range of ideas and tips! Massive thanks for writing this, pal! Voted up :) Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales. A great hub Victoria ;thanks for sharing and diphthongs I vote up. Dianna Mendez 3 years ago. This is very useful to those who must teach essay writing (and to essay those who must write them). Anorexia Vs Bulimia? I know I will be using this next time I teach English Comp.

Voted up++ ExpectGreatThings 3 years ago from Illinois. Wow! This is a very impressive list and great instructions. I like how you were able to write the essay for college questions without giving away your position on Strategies, each topic. - Ginger. Eric Dierker 3 years ago from myself for college Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. Very interesting. Vs Bulimia? Fun ideas and great food for thought. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. For College Students? HubPages ® is Essay Absolute Vodka a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc.

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Essay Medea in Apollonius Rhodius and Euripides. How and why does the characterisation of Medea in Apollonius Rhodius draw on myself essay students, the characterisation of the Euripidean Medea. The Argonautica is the lucy gray poem only surviving Hellenistic epic and extant work of Apollonius Rhodius. Unfortunately little is known about essay students, Apollonius life, or how he viewed his work, as few extant materials refer to him[1]. Argonautica was written in the third century B.C. and broke from the Hellenistic tradition for short literary works[2]. The epic draws upon a long literary and mythological tradition that included Euripides Medea . And Effective Strategies! Within scholarship the plays of for college students, Euripides are widely considered to reasons for the be a forerunner of Hellenistic works[3]. In Argonautica this is particularly clear through the myself essay for college students allusions Apollonius draws with his characterisation of Medea. Medea was a popular mythological subject and appeared in many other works such as those of alcohol mechanism, Pindar and for college Apollodorus[4]. These works are important in respect of the diphthongs in english mythological traditions of Medea as they add to the understanding of the development of the myth. However, the focus of this essay will be upon the representations of Medea within Argonautica and Medea and how and why Apollonius draws upon myself for college students Euripides characterisation. The mythology of Medea is very complex due to for the crusades varying literary traditions.

Euripides Medea is a particularly well known version of the myth; therefore, the myself essay name Medea in the minds of many brings forth his image of a passionate, angry and strong-willed woman. In mythology Medea was not always the woman who murdered her children, as depicted by Essay the Curriculum and Effective, Euripides. One variation of the for college students myth tells how Medea may have killed her children by accident[5]. Another how the people of Corinth murdered them as an reasons, act of revenge for the murder of their princess[6]. Apollonius, instead of using either of these versions of the myth, chose to foreshadow his Argonautica with the students events of Euripides Medea . However, there are indications Apollonius drew upon other literary influences such as Nausicaa from Homers Odyssey . It will be necessary to briefly consider such influences in order to assess the extent to Absolute which they embed themselves within Apollonius characterisation of Medea. Scholarship has taken a keen interest in the representation of Apollonius Medea. Myself Students! In particular Hunter considers Medeas suffering for for the, love in one section of his work and the intertext between Apollonius and Euripides[7]. On the other hand, Pavlock considers Medeas passion to myself essay for college be dangerous and uncontrollable. These viewpoints, amongst others, will be given due consideration[8]. Medea is a defining mythological figure and as such it is important to understand how and why Apollonius draws upon Euripides.

Therefore, this essay will demonstrate that Apollonius, in order to lucy gray poem foreshadow his epic, draws upon the characterisation of Euripides Medea. This is undertaken through Medeas rhetorical skills, assistance to Jason and passion whilst also making specific reference to certain images. Myself Essay! Furthermore, notwithstanding other influences from epic, it will also be shown that Apollonius uses this characterisation to to vanillyl alcohol mechanism explore the reactions of the Alexandrian audience to the increased personal freedom of myself for college, women and the psychology of passion. The Medeas of Euripides and Apollonius. One of the primary considerations of how Apollonius foreshadows and diphthongs draws upon the characterisation of essay for college, Euripides Medea is through her rhetorical ability. Apollonius Medea is at diphthongs in english first quiet in Jasons presence having been seized by speechless stupor due to the arrow of Eros[9]. However, from this point the character develops a rhetorical skill attuned to that of Euripides Medea. The dispute between Jason and Medea, following her discovery of the secret negotiations with the Colchian fleet, recalls the couples first argument within Euripides Medea [10]. In each instance Medea delivers a carefully constructed speech which denounces Jasons behaviour. Euripides Medea commences her speech focusing on the wrongs Jason has committed. Medea then recounts her sacrifices, recalls the oath Jason broke and myself for college ends her speech considering what she is to do, calling upon the gods.

Apollonius Medea starts by questioning what Jason has planned for her. She then reminds him of his oath, her sacrifices and proceeding to consider what will become of her she calls upon the gods. The chastisement of Jason by Medea evokes and rewrites her agon in Medea [11]. Essay On Adapting And Effective! It is myself essay, particularly noteworthy that Medeas speech written by Apollonius follows a similar pattern to Euripides, one an audience familiar with Medea would recognise. This argument can be considered further through the supplications of Medea in both works. Each of Absolute Absolute Vodka, these is intended to ensure Medeas self-preservation; Circe cleanses her blood guilt, Creon stays her exile and Arete and Aegeus provide protection from her enemies[12]. Apollonius appears to have drawn on myself students, Euripides characterisation of diphthongs, Medea as a survivor, able to use her rhetorical skill in essay for college order to secure what she requires. This is drawn out through the language and actions of Medeas supplications.

Each instance is undertaken on her knees putting herself in the appropriate position of vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism, respect to the person hearing her request[13]. Furthermore, the language used on each occasion is for college, comparable, Show kindness to me!Take pity on meMay the anorexia vs bulimia immortals grant you both a life of fulfilmentchildren, and the glory of an myself essay for college, unravaged city Medea declares to Arete[14]. Likewise to Aegeus she states have pity on an unfortunate womando not allow me to be cast into exilemay your longing for children be brought to diphthongs fulfilmentand may you yourself die happy![15]. Though Medea does not ask Creon for pity the approach used in supplicating him is similar: Have no fearI am not the kind of person to commit crimes against my rulersAnd now I do not begrudge you prosperity. Essay! Make your marriageand may good fortune attend you[16]. The Medea of Apollonius like Euripides understands well the process and requirements of supplication and uses it to reasons for the crusades her advantage[17]. Medeas rhetorical skill in Argonautica and desire for self-preservation are the hallmarks of Euripides heroine[18]. Furthermore the specifics of the language used and description of the supplications within Argonautica parallel that of Euripides Medea . This desire for self-preservation becomes very apparent during Medeas supplication of Jason at the beginning of myself essay for college students, Argonautica book four[19].

Medea transforms from a woman in distress to lucy gray poem a plotter of her brothers murder, scenes reminiscent of the ruthless and determined woman who commits infanticide in myself for college Euripides Medea [20]. Medeas act of Essay on Adapting and Effective Teaching, infanticide is motivated by anger induced by Jasons betrayal[21]. It is this allusion Apollonius draws upon to prepare the essay students audience for crusades, the murder of Apsyrtos[22]. The murder is attributed to Medea in Euripides Medea [23]. However, in Argonautica Jason is the murderer with Medeas role greatly reduced to co-conspirator; Medea requires purification as she is not free from myself essay for college, guilt[24]. Apollonius use of ????????? (by or at the hearth) for the location of Circes purification of Jason and Medea is Essay Absolute Vodka, similar to the phraseology of Euripides[25].

During Jasons recollection of the murder in Medea he describes the location as at the hearth[26].Though Medea takes place sometime after Argonautica , through Apollonius use of language he foreshadows situations which will occur in the future[27]. The ability to devise brilliant and destructive schemes is an intricate part of Medeas character in both representations. Medeas name means The Planner and this skill is myself essay for college students, a consistent theme throughout Argonautica and Medea [28]. Medeas planning secures Jasons victory in the trials set by Aietes (her father), enables the murder of her brother and removal of Pelias from the throne of reasons crusades, Iolcus[29]. Myself Essay! Without Medeas aid Jasons story would have ended as it was thought by the Argonauts that Aietes first trial was unachievable[30]. The potion provided by Apollonius Medea to on Adapting the Curriculum Jason protects him during the trial and it is she who lulls the dragon to sleep so that he may seize the fleece[31]. Essay! These actions foreshadow Euripides Medea who declares to Jason that it was she who saved him from death on two occasions, the anorexia trial of the fire-breathing bulls and students the dragon[32]. Apollonius decision to have Jason commit the anorexia vs bulimia murder places the focus on Medeas ingenuity and cunning instead of the act itself. Essay For College Students! There are subtle differences between the works such as Euripides declaration that Medea killed the anorexia dragon whereas Apollonius spares its life.

Though this difference exists it is clear that Apollonius was heavily influenced by the elements of Euripides story that focus on essay, the aid provided by vanillin alcohol, Medea. It has been suggested that, at such an early stage, Apollonius wanted to ensure that Medea remained free of violence[33]. However, this difference was likely intended to develop Medeas character as, within a short time, she begins to reveal her darker side. Medea declares that Jason should not break his oath or, May my Furies drive you straight from your homeland, because of what I have suffered through your heartlessness. What I say the gods will not leave unaccomplished[34]. The language is reminiscent of the curses Medea calls upon Jason in Medea [35]. Comparison can also be drawn with the references to Jason as the vilest of knaves, an enemy of the gods and an oath breaker in essay students Medea , descriptions similarly reflected in Argonautica [36]. Apollonius describes Medea as seething with grim anger believing that she is at risk of abandonment and requires placating by Jason[37]. Arguably, the anger of Medea prepares the audience for the murder of her brother that follows shortly.

Medeas anger can be compared to Aietes when he discovers Jasons intention to lucy gray poem claim the myself Golden Fleece[38]. Medea becomes her fathers daughter and although the murder of Apsyrtos is shocking it is the climax of the sacrifices that led to anorexia vs bulimia it[39]. Medeas anger in both works in part results from her sacrifices in order to aid Jason. Medea betrayed her family and myself students homeland to runaway with a foreigner who she assists in murdering her brother[40]. The sacrifices are a key feature in Apollonius characterisation of Medea and there are clear indications that they are drawn from Absolute End:, Euripides representation. Medea sacrificed much out of love for Jason. However, the love was not romantic but instead fiery passion influenced by the gods. The passion induced by Eros is for college, a destructive force that foreshadows the events that take place in Medea . Teaching! Apollonius describes how Eros arrow burned deep in the girls heart like a flame arousing in Medea a passion for Jason[41].

Comparison can be drawn with the description provided by Euripides of Medea being smitten with love for Jason[42]. Myself Students! The shooting is described by Apollonius in violent terms, Eros fitted the arrow-notch to alcohol mechanism the bowstringand shot straight at myself essay for college Medeathe destructive love which crouched unobserved and burnt in Medeas heart[43]. This echoes the comments of Euripides chorus who declare that they never want the arrow of for the, desire to myself students fly against my heart or for Aphrodite to madden my heart with love for vs bulimia, a strangers bed[44]. For College Students! Medea initially under Eros influence is very different to Euripides characterisation. She is a young, vulnerable girl overwhelmed by love for Jason[45]. This indicates that Euripides is not the only influence upon Apollonius. There are allusions to diphthongs Homer and during book three of Argonautica it is suggested Apollonius continuously recalls the Phaeacian episode of Odyssey whilst still reminding his audience of Medea [46]. The potential relationship of Odysseus and Nausicaa has been contrasted with the past and future of Jason and Medea[47]. There is a virgin princess who is ready for marriage but Jason like Odysseus will not stay to marry, though he will take Medea with him unlike Odysseus[48]. Furthermore the scene where Medea leaves to meet Jason at Hecates temple is considered to imitate Odyssey book six[49]. However, Nausicaa unlike Medea would not betray her own sense of shame, or her family [and] never hesitates to speak freely with Odysseus[50].

The Nausicaa story is inverted by Apollonius and essay although there is some influence upon the characterisation of Medea the primary influence is Medea . Apollonius continuously returns to vanillin mechanism allusions of essay for college, Jason and Medeas future. Jason declares may Olympian Zeus himselfwitness my oath that I shall make you my lawful wedded wife[51]. Lucy Gray Poem! Apollonius uses this line to anticipate Medeas appeal to the gods in Medea . The nurse recounts how Medea, invokes the mighty assurance of his sworn right hand, and calls the gods to witness the unjust return she is getting[52]. In turn the students oath in Medea becomes an appeal to the oath in Argonautica [53]. Furthermore, though Athena influences Nausicaa by enhancing Odysseus appearance she does not experience the same destructive power of love brought upon Medea by Eros[54]. This is best attested through Medeas violent state of mind in Argonautica where, she longed to set fire to the ship, to destroy everythingand throw herself into theflames[55]. This foreshadows Medeas consideration as to whether she should set fire to Jason and Glauces bridal chamber but also the immolation of Glauce and Creon through the wedding gift[56].

In both Argonautica and Medea love is described in terms of a powerful force which has overcome Medea. Essay On Adapting And Effective Teaching Strategies! Love is described by Euripides as a bane and students Medea herself as possessing a love-maddened heart and having shown more love than sense[57]. This language brings to mind Apollonius description of Medea as having bitter-pain in anorexia her heart and myself for college suffering distress[58]. Apollonius use of language and imagery is very Euripidean. It does not only foreshadow the events of to vanillyl alcohol mechanism, Medea but also creates links between the characterisations. The use of clothing as part of Medea and Jasons plot to murder Apsyrtos in Argonautica has drawn keen scholarly interest[59]. Myself For College Students! Apollonius description of the deception used to lure Apsyrtos to his death is the same as that used by Euripides Medea to destroy Glauce[60]. This similarity is reasons crusades, believed to be a long held recognition by Hunter but can also be considered more broadly within the wider context of Argonautica [61]. Myself For College! Clothing has been identified as an important theme throughout as it draws the audience to consider past or future events either within or outside the lucy gray poem epic[62]. The description of Medeas dress bathed in students moonlight following the capture of the reasons for the crusades fleece appears as though it were a wedding dress[63]. Essay! This can be considered further as the imagery takes on a frightening aspect foreshadowing the events of Medeas nuptial clothing gift to anorexia Glauce[64].

Comparison can also be drawn between Jasons celebration at having captured the fleece and the future death of Glauce. When Jason raises the fleece he is essay students, described in terms of a young girl who catches in her fine dress the gleam of the full moonher heart is delighted at the sight of the lovely radiance[65]. This simile whilst emasculating Jason for having won the fleece without risk to himself also brings to mind the image of Glauce putting on Medeas deadly wedding gift[66]. Glauce is described as arranging her hair in a bright mirror, smiling [parading] about the roomentranced with the gifts[67]. The parallels between the images cannot be ignored. It is clear that Apollonius has seized upon a key incident in Euripides tragedy and provided ample connections that foreshadow the future death and destruction that Medea will bring to Corinth. Why Euripides Medea ? In the years that followed the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. the anorexia vs bulimia Macedonian Empire broke into separate kingdoms ruled by his successors[68]. Myself Essay For College Students! During this period life for Apollonius Hellenistic audience changed for various reasons such as increased migration[69].

It became more socially acceptable for a woman to be educated and to enjoy a public role[70]. Though personal freedom increased there were still limitations on what a woman could do. However, within the Essay on Adapting the Curriculum Strategies kingdoms life for women would have varied considerably depending on where they lived and myself essay for college students their political class[71]. Apollonius within Argonautica uses aspects of Medeas characterisation as a mirror for the societal changes in Alexandria. Medea was first performed in Athens in the fifth century B.C. During this period work and the influence of public opinion would have predominantly kept Athenian women at home[72]. Though some womens work would have been within the public sphere those who remained at home would have had little freedom[73]. At the beginning of the play, Medea has been fulfilling the role of an Athenian wife, remaining at home looking after it and the children[74]. In English! The majority of evidence of the lives of myself for college, Greek women comes from diphthongs in english, Athens.

However, it is important to be cautious when drawing conclusions on myself essay, the lives of women in wider Greek society due to the differing natures of each city state[75]. In Medea the idealistic societal structure of Athens is broken down by Medeas emergence from the home and her challenges towards her former husband in to vanillyl mechanism public[76]. This can be compared with societal changes in Alexandria as women began to essay enjoy an increased freedom of Essay Absolute Vodka Advertisement, movement, particularly in comparison to Athens[77]. For College! Medea is an ideal figure to represent such changes in society, achieved through the portrayal of her enjoying the freedom to move around her country unrestricted[78]. Apollonius portrait is diphthongs in english, realistic as although Medea has freedom she is required to have her handmaids accompany her; though under her instruction they leave her to speak with Jason alone[79]. However, it must be noted that there is for college, still a dependency on Aietes and subsequently Jason[80]. It might be argued that the level of dependency is variable throughout Argonautica ; for example in respect of her marriage. Medea takes control of some of her own affairs within Argonautica such as her agreement to marry Jason and contracting her own marriage[81].

Marriage for Greeks within Alexandria would have required the permission of the brides father or guardian[82]. Both Jason and Alkinoos are thought to act as Medeas guardians. The former as Medea declares herself his daughter, sister and wife. The latter as he presides over the decision whether or not to return Medea to her father[83]. Neither can actually be considered to have fulfilled the role of guardian as Jason is Medeas future husband and Alkinoos is not present at the wedding. Therefore, the vanillin to vanillyl mechanism agreement to marry is without her fathers consent and the marriage occurs without a guardian present. Furthermore, the Golden Fleece is considered to represent Medeas dowry[84]. Medea secured the fleece for Jason and as such can be viewed as having paid her own dowry.

The union of Medea and Jason is not representative of an Alexandrian marriage. For College Students! Greek women, except royalty, were required to use an intermediary or guardian for legal and monetary transactions. However, women using the Egyptian or Jewish legal systems could undertake such transactions themselves[85]. There is some papyrus evidence in existence that suggests women were able to undertake private contractual matters in respect of property and their marriage[86]. The first example is Olympias who contracts her own marriage with her father as legal representative[87]. Another document states that Heraclides took Demetria from her father but the contract is indicative that the couple entered into the agreement together. Diphthongs! The contract informs Demetria how she would resolve a breach of contract should she need to. Even though documents such as this exist it cannot be taken that women undertook contractual matters regularly.

Apollonius portrayal of Medea indicates a changing attitude towards women and an audience coming to terms with womens power and privilege[88]. The influence of myself essay students, wealthy and royal women could be attributed to the development of diphthongs in english, this class of Alexandrian women. It was particularly important for the privileged of Alexandrian society to be highly educated[89]. Arguably the construction of the myself students great library of Alexandria in the third century demonstrates this desire[90]. Diphthongs In English! Apollonius was well-educated as demonstrated through his extensive use of mythological and geographical understanding within Argonautica [91]. Apollonius assumes his Alexandrian audience would have been aware of the mythological traditions of myself for college, Medea and Jason and the story told by Euripides[92]. Lucy Gray Poem! Given the importance placed upon knowledge by Alexandrian society this assumption is plausible. Medea is described as speechless in Jasons presence in the first scene within Aietes palace[93]. However, Medeas character develops during book three of Argonautica and she begins to speak freely, challenging Jason and in subsequent scenes the Argonauts. Though there is no reference to her education by either Euripides or Apollonius the language used by Medea shows her intellect in both works. There is evidence to suggest greater access to education for students, women during the Hellenistic period.

The existence of prominent educated women such as Hipparchia a philosopher and Erinna a poetess provide some evidence to support this[94]. Furthermore, epigraphic evidence exists such as the gravestone of a woman from Sardis that states The book shows you were wise suggesting she would have been educated[95]. This does not necessarily indicate that all women had access to education but instead implies that educated women were present within Hellenistic society. In some respects society became less restrictive including travel, certain contractual matters and education, but others remained such as the holding of public office[96]. Though there is evidence of one wealthy woman having held a magisterial position true equality was not possible and as such this cannot be considered to have been common[97]. Essay On Adapting The Curriculum And Effective Strategies! Apollonius draws upon the characterisation of Euripides Medea the strong-willed woman and devises her story for the developing Alexandrian audience.

Medea was refashioned for his Argonautica whilst retaining the abilities of skilled rhetorician, thinker and planner that would have been recognised by his audience. For College Students! Arguably Apollonius challenged the perspective of in english, women in Alexandrian society through Medea. Medeas first appearance in Argonautica as a love-struck young girl unable to speak to Jason is unrecognisable to the representation of Euripides[98]. Apollonius Medea appears more a woman overwhelmed by her first feelings of love[99]. The portrayal of Eros shooting Medea has led to the suggestion of her as a victim of violence[100]. On the other hand, the scene can be viewed ironically as the myself essay for college students sorceress becomes subject to a spell[101]. Anorexia! Instead of the powerful sorceress Medea is the victim of magic with her prayer to myself essay Hecate an attempt to lucy gray poem process her feelings[102]. It has been suggested that Apollonius constructed Argonautica as a prequel to Medea [103]. The evidence of myself, Medeas rhetorical skill, assistance to Jason and involvement in Apsyrtos murder would certainly support such an to vanillyl alcohol, argument. The divergence from Euripides arguably exists to enable Medeas character to develop. For College Students! Apollonius, in Argonautica , draws upon the complex array of emotions in crusades Medea providing background to myself for college the feelings, setting their roots in Medeas past.

The character development of Medea throughout Argonautica books three and four indicates a progression towards her Corinthian counterpart. The psychology of Advertisement, love and for college passion explored by Apollonius is an important part of Medeas characterisation that requires particular consideration. The development of Medeas passion for Jason is undertaken through a dream during which she convinces herself that Jason has come to Colchis in lucy gray poem order to marry her[104]. The dream represents an important stage in the awakening of her passion[105]. Arguably it bridges the for college students gap between the naivety experienced during her first sighting of Jason and strength at their subsequent meeting at diphthongs in english Hecates temple. Myself Essay! Through the course of the meeting the love-struck Medea soon gives way to the more familiar characterisation of Euripides[106]. Scholarship has widely recognised that Apollonius Medeas passion becomes extremely dangerous[107]. Pavlock suggests that Apollonius association of lucy gray poem, women with the disruption of social norms and the community is his attempt to reinforce traditional views about excessive passion of the female[108].

This is certainly an interesting consideration as the destructive nature of myself essay for college students, infatuation is widely explored in lucy gray poem Athenian drama. Apollonius, through associating excessive passion with Medea, also draws upon imagery from other plays. Essay For College! In Euripides Trojan Women and vanillin alcohol mechanism Hippolytus Helen and Phaedras passions have brought about death and destruction[109]. The argument is noteworthy as Medea, like Helen, leaves with a man she barely knew and, like Phaedra, her actions result in death. Therefore, Argonautica could be interpreted as Apollonius commenting upon the negative effects of excess passion. Medeas threat to Jason that she will haunt him as a Fury has been considered to border on madness and essay for college foreshadow the violence of the to vanillyl alcohol future[110]. For College Students! However, although it does foreshadow Medeas violent future, arguably it is not madness as she is a frightened woman, grasping at reasons for Jason to not return her to her father who will punish her. There are indications that Apollonius explored the psychology of women driven by passion with a Euripidean-like sympathy[111].

Euripides Phaedra analyses her passion for Hippolytus going through the possible options to master it; concealment, self-control and death[112]. Furthermore, Artemis declaration that Aphrodite is to blame redeems Phaedra[113]. Likewise, in Euripides Helen , it is revealed that Helen would not have left with Paris and was brought to Egypt to protect her chastity[114]. Reasons For The Crusades! Apollonius adopts a similar analytical approach to Medea, focusing in particular on her psychology whilst also ensuring that she is portrayed in myself essay students a realistic way. Even though Medea is under Eros spell Apollonius explores the realism of Essay Absolute Vodka Advertisement, her passion and students developing awareness of what is vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism, affecting her[115]. The realism can be seen through Medeas natural response to the sunrise but also her shame at falling in love with a foreign stranger and betraying her family and country[116]. Myself! The sense of shame bound Greek women to follow their fathers instructions[117].

Shame culture was passed down through the ages and Argonautica appears as a piece of social commentary upon lucy gray poem the culture within Alexandrian society. Within Medeas monologue she explores her desire but also her cognitive dissonance[118]. The sense of shame that love has brought Medea leads her to consider suicide. Myself For College Students! Though Medea realises suicide will not release her as she believes she would be mocked anyway; a belief reminiscent of Euripides Medea[119]. Instead of portraying Medeas passion as being disruptive Apollonius analysis focuses upon her emotions and decisions. When Jason and Medea first meet the audience know what is to come but at reasons crusades the same time it does not know[120]. The audience are aware that Medea will provide assistance to Jason and leave with him but they are also presented with her decision making process. Arguably, Apollonius used Medea to examine the psychology of myself essay for college, passion. The division in End: Medeas personality between naivety and powerful sorceress might be seen as Apollonius attempt to explain the future murder of her children[121]. Alternatively Apollonius Medea could be looked upon as a sympathetic development of myself, her characterisation akin to Euripides.

Apollonius explores the emotions of love, passion and shame presenting a more realistic portrayal of Medeas past as a prequel to Euripides Medea . It has become apparent that Apollonius draws upon the characterisation of the Euripidean Medea in order to foreshadow the vanillin events of Medea . For College Students! Furthermore, Argonautica is devised as a prequel to Euripides Medea through language, imagery and action. There are indications of Essay the Curriculum Teaching, other influences upon Medeas characterisation from tragedy and epic but the primary focus is Medea . Apollonius characterisation of Medea is not limited to myself essay for college students how it draws upon her but also why. To Vanillyl Alcohol! Argonautica explores the myself essay for college students finite increase in freedom for Essay Absolute, Alexandrian women and also the psychology of passion. There are constraints on the interpretation of Apollonius intentions due to the lack of information about him. Myself Essay For College Students! However, despite such limitations it is possible to draw out the following conclusions.

There is a progressive development in Apollonius characterisation of on Adapting the Curriculum and Effective Teaching, Medea that slowly forms into her Euripidean counterpart. This is achieved by drawing upon key aspects of the character created by Euripides, namely Medeas rhetorical ability and her love of Jason. There are echoes of Euripides Medeas fierce nature in Apollonius description of his Medea who seethes with grim anger[122]. These aspects are interwoven with the imagery used by essay for college, Apollonius that allude and foreshadow instances within Medea such as the gift of clothing presented to Apsyrtos echoing the future gift to Glauce. Apollonius explores the psychology of Medea through the representation of her being passionately and uncontrollably in love. It has been argued that Apollonius is commenting on the dangers of such passion. However, it is apparent that his treatment of this subject is sensitive. Medea is shamed by her feelings and behaviour towards Jason to lucy gray poem the point of wanting to commit suicide. Medeas passion though uncontrollable (due to the influence of the gods) is explored in detail by Apollonius through her thought processes. Though also considered by Euripides the treatment is essay, brief due to the limitations of a 1418 line play.

Apollonius used the length and breadth of an epic to vs bulimia provide a more detailed analysis of Medea and her actions, presenting a relatively realistic image and prequel to the Alexandrian audience. Society developed during the Hellenistic period and women enjoyed a limited increase in freedom. Euripides Medea, as a strong woman, provided a basis for the exploration of such freedom. Though no reference is made to Medea having had any formal education both characterisations appear educated and confident in myself students their interactions with men. Evidence would suggest that, in this period, there was an diphthongs in english, increase in the education of women and as such Apollonius took the opportunity to represent this. Apollonius, like many modern day readers, saw something important within Medea and that is Medea herself. For College Students! The fire, passion and strength immortalised by Euripides; Medea is the perfect figure for Essay Absolute End: Vodka, epic. Argonautica and Medea are exceptional and important works. The former as it is the only surviving Hellenistic epic and the latter as the myself essay students only extant Athenian drama that deals with the Argonautic cycle. Within the myth of lucy gray poem, Medea, modern audiences find both a gripping narrative and complexity of the character development.

It is considered by Griffiths that in facing the myself students complexities of Medeas identity we face the complexities of our own[123]. Apollonius brought this challenge to the Alexandrian audience through his complex portrayal of Euripides Medea. Apollodorus Library Apollodorus The Library Loeb Classical Library, Translated by anorexia, Frazer, J. Myself! Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1921. Perseus Digital Library [Accessed: 10th January 2015]. Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica Jason and the Golden Fleece Translated by lucy gray poem, Hunter, R. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993. Aristophanes Lysistrata Lysistrata and Other Plays (Revised ed), Translated by Sommerstein, A. London: Penguin Books, 2002. Diogenes Laertius Lives of Eminent Philosophers Loeb Classical Library Vol. 2, Translated by Hicks, R. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1925.

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How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Examples You Will See. What is the students best way to start a resume? The Ladder's research found that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume! Yeah, you read that right. That means you've got to lucy gray poem give recruiters what they want to see in the blink of an eye . But how? A little something called a resume summary . A good resume summary puts the information recruiters are looking for first.

In this article, I will explain how to write a resume summary that gives recruiters what they want most . And I will explain how to showcase that information so that it catches the myself essay students employer’s attention. A great resume summary goes at in english the top of the page - in the most prominent position. Myself For College? Use it to attract recruiters' attention. Here is a template from our resume builder (create your resume) . See how the resume summary sample stands out? A resume summary is a short, snappy introduction highlighting your career progress and skill set.

An example of in english a resume summary looks like this: Administrative Assistant with +3 years of experience in a sensitive corporate environment. Outgoing and essay detail-oriented, I am proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships. Vanillin To Vanillyl Mechanism? Have an Associate's Degree in Office Administration. Administrative Assistant seeking meaninful work in a corporate environment where I can learn and essay develop my skills. A resume summary is lucy gray poem, also known as: Think of it as an “elevator pitch” or “sales pitch” that you can use anytime someone says: Pro Tip: If you're looking for samples of resumes and students summaries for specific professions, you may also want to vs bulimia take a look at myself students our resume examples section. Resume Summary vs. Objective: What’s the Difference? The difference between a general resume summary and diphthongs a resume objective looks like this:

You are at a party. Let’s call you Robert. Your wingman approaches the girl you like. Robert likes girls and wants to leverage his skills to marry one. Boyfriend Material experienced at myself laying coats over mud puddles, opening doors, and to vanillyl alcohol pulling out chairs. Charming, funny, and a great conversationalist seeking to leverage 10+ years of experience delivering anecdotes to entertain you through boring social events. Has an MA in hand holding and essay for college a license to cook romantic dinners. Which wingman is going to get Robert the girl?

The resume objective was acceptable a long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. All you had to do at the beginning of a resume was write a one-liner that told the Essay and Effective Teaching Strategies recruiter: 2. That you want the job. Then a meteor came and smashed into the Earth, and all the resume objectives died. Resume objectives are still extremely useful for certain types of job seekers. So, Who Should Use a Professional Resume Summary? Resume summaries are for people with years of experience who are not making a career change. You should consider writing a resume objective if you have no experience, are in the middle of a career change, or have some gaps in your job history. If you think that a resume objective would be a better fit for you, read our full guide on myself for college how to write resume objectives: +20 Resume Objective Examples - Use Them On Your Resume (Tips) And Where Does a Resume Summary Statement Go on a Resume? A professional summary for a resume should go at the top under the contact information. You will find that experts will refer to this space as “prime real estate” - the penthouse of your resume.

Whatever you put there will be the first thing a recruiter will see when they look at your resume. When the resume summary section is first, a hiring manager sees your value right now. So, don't waste the space. How Long Should a Career Summary on reasons a Resume Be? Depending on who you ask, you will be told that a good example of a resume summary is anywhere from three to six sentences. As I mentioned in the beginning, an essay students, average recruiter will only for the crusades, spend six seconds looking at a resume. That converts to about 20 or 30 words, which is essay for college, around the length of a Tweet. You should also pay attention to the fact that a reader scanning a document will skip over large blocks of text. With that in mind, you should consider keeping your personal resume summary statement on the shorter side:

Around 3 sentences or 50 words. Pro Tip: Resume summaries tend to be short. Take a look at a sample resume template from in english, our resume builder. You can create a similar resume here. A resume template from our resume builder - create your resume here. How to Write a Resume Summary in 7 Easy Steps. 1. Students? How to Start a Summary With a Few of Your Best Accomplishments. When you start writing a professional summary for a resume, it is Absolute Vodka Advertisement, best to students sit down for a moment and think back over the long span of your career.

What are my brightest moments? What am I proud of achieving? What do I love most about diphthongs what I do? What do I do best? Once you’ve brainstormed, make a list of myself your achievements (about six bullet points). This is your master list. Here is what it would look like if you were, for example, Indiana Jones: Indy’s Master List of Accomplishments and Top Skills.

Found the Ark of the Covenant. Found the Sankara Stones. Found the Holy Grail. Essay End: Absolute Vodka? Effectively able to dispatch Nazi bad guys. Proficient in the use of a bullwhip. Able to myself essay for college students fly planes, ride horses, and commandeer motorcycles.

Keep in mind that these are the brightest moments and can come from any point in the Curriculum Teaching your career. Now make a quick list of your top transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you can use in any job . For example, being able to write or being able to speak fluent Spanish. Research and analytical thinking skills (70% of my work is done in the library). Excellent cultural sensitivity. Able to myself work in to vanillyl alcohol a high-stress, fast-paced environment. Linguist (Speak fluent German, Hindi, and Mandarin Chinese - among other languages).

Now you have a master list of your achievements and a master list of your transferable skills. Set these aside for a moment. And make sure you read this article to essay for college find out in english what skills are currently the most desirable for essay, resumes. You will also find actionable tips on how to showcase your skills on a resume, and a pretty cool infographic featuring R2D2. What does R2D2 have to do with resume skills? Find out here. 2. Diphthongs? Scan the Job Post - Find out myself essay for college students What the Employer Needs. Keywords are the particular skills or qualities an reasons, employer lists in a job post. Highlight or underline the keyword skills that you find in your job description.

Who are they looking for? What value do they want an employee to myself students provide? What extra skills or qualities not listed would add unexpected value? Indy’s Job Description - Cocktail Server. 3. Research the the Curriculum Teaching Job - Find Out What is myself for college students, Valuable.

Find a few similar job posts. Again, highlight or underline all of the keyword skills and requirements. Compare the new keywords to those in your job description. Anything that does not have a duplicate could add extra value to your resume. Look up other professionals on anorexia vs bulimia LinkedIn with the same job as the myself for college students one you want. Vanillin? Their skills section should give you a sense of what recruiters value in that profession. 4. Tailor Your List - Make Your Skills List a Recruiter’s Wish List. Which of my skills and accomplishments match those listed in the job description? How do my accomplishments and skills position me to solve the employer’s problems? What details can I add for amplification (numbers, details, proof like certificates or awards)? 5. Start With Your Title to essay for college students Define Yourself Out of the Gate.

Starting a professional summary for diphthongs, a resume with your professional title allows a recruiter to myself know right away that your resume is relevant. Pro Tip: Make your professional title bold in order to draw attention to it, so that it is easy for recruiters to find. You will also want to add the number of years you worked in that position. Sassy Marketing Manager with 5+ years of experience. 6. Focus on Specific Results to Prove and Demonstrate Value. Now it’s time to go back to your master list. Condense your list of 6 accomplishments down to about 3 concise and diphthongs specific sentences. As you describe your accomplishments and skills, add numbers, details, and proof. Focusing on quantifiable results in a career summary for a resume does a couple of things: Draws the essay students eye of the reasons crusades recruiter and myself gives them a tangible sense of what you’ve achieved. Provides proof that your claims are more than just hot air.

Sets you above other candidates who did not elaborate on on Adapting their accomplishments. Helps the recruiter imagine you achieving the same results for them. Indy’s Professional Resume Summary Sample. Cocktail Waiter Improved collection of tickets onboard German zeppelin by 100%. An analytical, fast learner with 2+ years of experience in for college students global, on-demand service positions on zeppelins, boats, and vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism trains. Leveraged extensive cultural and myself for college linguistic knowledge (Mandarin Chinese and Hindi) to recover the Sankara Stones while maintaining the diphthongs highest level of customer service. Able to endure exposure to elements such as lava and myself essay for college students snake pits, and able to physically outmaneuver such obstacles as giant boulders in boobytrapped tombs.

Guest Services, Sales, and People Skills Able to Learn and Master New Information Basic Math Bilingual Extensive Physical Activity Exposure to Elements. As you can see, Indy starts his sample resume summary statement by opening with the diphthongs in english title of the job (one of myself his professional titles) and mechanism a headline. For College? His headline is supported by details: He then adds five of the six skills from the job description that match his skill set to for the crusades his resume summary . He also adds details to amplify the essay students information: “Linguistic knowledge” is amplified by “Mandarin Chinese and Hindi,” which also covers the “Bilingual” language bonus from the job description. He avoids the first person, has added keywords like “exposure to elements,” and has added extra value by vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism, exhibiting experience in essay students wait service on various modes of transportation that might be interesting to an employer seeking a waiter to serve drinks on a boat. Dr.

Jones has also managed to squeeze in a transferable skill - “cultural sensitivity/knowledge.” 7. The Name Drop - A Tried and True Way to Generate Interest. Mention the organizations, clients, and reasons past employers that you’ve worked for where appropriate. Name dropping is an old marketing technique that you can use when writing a resume summary for a resume to impress and establish authority and credibility. One word of warning: Employers could see name dropping as unprofessional snobbery. Essay For College Students? You need to make sure you don’t cross the line.

Also, you don't want to name drop confidential clients - because, you know, they're confidential. For The? What you can do instead is say: I worked with top, global clients from (insert specific industry here) . It is best to for college students name drop when it proves the lucy gray poem thing you want to show the myself essay students hiring manager in a professional summary for crusades, a resume. The candidate who did it right has name dropped to prove that her clients are large, multi-national companies. The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Resume Summary. 1. Consider Adding a Headline for Extra Oomph. After you write your title, you can add a headline that sums up the main benefits of hiring you. Improved collection of myself essay tickets onboard German zeppelin by 100%. 2. The Curriculum Teaching? Microsoft Word is Not an Accomplishment So Leave It Out.

Leave your core competencies for myself for college students, the skills section of your resume. The resume summary section is for vs bulimia, your best skills and keyword skills. Microsoft Office is boring and essay pedestrian. Your mom, your sister, and your dog can all use Word. And to further avoid being boring in a professional summary for Essay on Adapting the Curriculum and Effective Strategies, a resume, consider using action verbs to describe your best skills. Avoid boring adjectives like “articulate” or “innovative.” Also, get rid of overused verbs like “managed” or “organized.” Action verbs are energetic and essay for college students specific: Don’t go overboard. You don’t want to sound like a Freshman English major flexing a large vocabulary for the sake of it.

Remember that you should use keywords even if they are adjectives. There is a good chance that your resume will be fed through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). On Adapting And Effective Teaching Strategies? The ATS will scan your resume for myself students, keywords from the in english job description. So you need to include them throughout your resume. 3. Ditch the First Person Pronouns to for college Focus on lucy gray poem the Employer. By skipping the “I” and “me” stuff, your resume summary section will stay focused on the employer.

When you use the third person and the present tense, a recruiter will be able to envision you doing that work for them. Here are some resume summary statement examples with and without the first person. If you think it's more appropriate to use the first person, you should. It's up to you to decide. 4. Ignore Tasks You Hate For Your Sake. When you are making lists of what to include on a resume don’t add anything you hate doing. Same goes for a summary in a resume. If you hate doing something (even if you are really good at it), leave it. You will just get stuck doing it again at your new job, and it won’t make you happy. 5. Avoid Being Generic By Tailoring Each Resume Summary to the Job. Yes, that’s right.

Every time you respond to a different job post, you will need to write a new resume summary. The professional resume summary is only at peak effectiveness if you tailor it to fit one job description. So, if you are applying for 100 jobs, you need 100 resume summaries. You don't have to rewrite the myself essay entire thing. You can simply retouch your best resume summary by changing keywords. Just make sure that it is vanillin to vanillyl alcohol mechanism, tailored to the job post. How long should a resume be? In a word: short. Some experts will tell you about the “one-page rule.” You should aim for one page, but resumes are not glass slippers.

You do not need to cram everything on one page like an ugly stepsister if it doesn't fit. A good rule of thumb is to condense resume sections like the resume summary section at the end of the writing process. Trim the fat and essay for college keep it lean. Good professional summary examples don't exceed a paragraph of text or a few bullet points. If you're having trouble with the length of your resume, have a look at our guide on resume length: How Long Should A Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know 7. Avoid the Cardinal Sin of Resume Writing. No good will come out of to vanillyl alcohol mechanism lying on your resume - even if it’s just a little white lie. Maybe you aren’t as good at creating spreadsheets as you made it sound. Good luck explaining that when an myself essay for college, elaborate spreadsheet is your first task. Let's say you lie in your hobbies section - you say you like Game of Thrones when you don't. Who cares?

Maybe the rabid fan who is lucy gray poem, conducting your interview. Now you know nothing, Jon Snow. Uh oh. The best resume summary grabs recruiters’ attention by myself essay students, shouting out: And this is useful when it falls into the hands of a bored and overworked recruiter. In three punchy lines, you can show anyone reading your resume the brightest moments of your career and your dazzling set of skills. Bonus: Download these super-actionable examples of resume summaries that match real job posts here: Resume Summary Examples for Your Profession.” Do you have any question about in english how to write a great resume summary for your position?

Leave a comment. Myself? I'll be happy to answer. Natalie is a writer at Uptowork. She loves writing about lucy gray poem resumes and eating tacos more than life itself. She spends her free time reading complicated novels and binge watching TV series.